Cryo Tests Starting for SpaceX SN20 Starship

SpaceX is starting cryo fuel tests of the SpaceX SN20 starship. SN20 Starship has a completed heat shield.

The orbital test of SN20 and the BN3 booster will not happen until after tests and FAA approval. FAA is going through a public comment phase.

SOURCES – Felix – what About It?
Written By Brian Wang,

10 thoughts on “Cryo Tests Starting for SpaceX SN20 Starship”

  1. You'd think so, but I'm somewhat concerned that the same thing might happen if you got trapped moisture in the thermal blanket, such as condensation on humid days, to say nothing of rain. It would tend to turn to steam at exactly the worst possible moment.

  2. According to SpaceX some of the vented gas got trapped under the thermal blanket and popped the tiles off mechanically. Seems like that would be an easy fix.

  3. I would love to see more details of their tile mounting system. I think they probably didn't properly implement geometric constraints; The tiles are likely over-constrained by the mounting system, causing stress any time things thermally cycle.

  4. It sounds fun, but I have to advise you that you won't legally be able to fly that drone within the TFR zone. If it gets spotted you'll just cause a flight delay, severely annoying a bunch of other straight guys who carry guns.

  5. Lawfare by Bezos, apparently. He's bought a bunch of bureaucrats, and they're throwing every obstacle they can in the way of Starship development.

  6. I am taking two drones (DJI and Skydio) down to Boca Chica for the next test firing or launch.

    There are a few of you men on here (don't think I've read any females in the comments) who I would invite to join me. I'll be making a stop at the Tesla factory in Austin on the way down.

    If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know. I tell really dry, smarmy, inappropriate jokes, and I'm passionate about seeing history-changing events in person. Can't wait to see a functioning Starship or a Tesla Cybertruck.

    Austin has some outstanding Bar-B-Que joints, and 6th street is finally allowing live music. The Mexican street food in Brownsville is not bad.

    P.S. I'm straight, and I carry a gun, just in you don't understand what straight means…

  7. I think that is quite strange, surely the site was chosen and licensed as a rocket building facility before Space X actually established itself there. Are they catering to the NIMBYS ?

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