Ford Versus Tesla and Chinese EV makers

Sandy Munro describes how Tesla’s cars are about 30% more efficient than the Ford Mach E and the Volkswagen ID4.

Sandy Munro analyzes every component of cars by taking them apart.

The Ford Mach E had good ride handling and is a comfortable car.

Sandy said that Ford is about 7 years behind Tesla for self-driving systems. Sandy says Ford is five years behind the better Chinese carmakers for self-driving systems. This would mean that the Chinese carmakers might be two years behind Tesla for self-driving.

Sandy will be showing teardowns of Chinese EV makers.

SOURCES – Sandy Munro
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

9 thoughts on “Ford Versus Tesla and Chinese EV makers”

  1. Agreed.

    I like Sandy Munro as much as the next guy, but he makes assertive statements about subject matters that he clearly does not master.

    For FSD, listen to James Douma. For battery chemistry listen to Jordan Giesige (the Limiting Factor).

  2. I would like to add to Ludus comment: Sandy Munro is great for production cost evaluations, questionable regarding PCB's, so and so when it comes to batteries and just as good as any yahoo when it comes to FSD SW.

    Sandy Munro should keep within his expertise and even if he goes "off the reservation", we should only quote him for production cost of mechanics. Not FSD, not PCBs and not battery cell production cost/chemistry…

    When Sandy talked to Elon about FSD, it was quite obvious that he knows nothing more than "the man on the street". So why does he "estimate" that Tesla is X years ahead of the the chinese and american manufacturers? Sandy Munro has no clue.

    Sandy Munro keeps saying that the Tesla PCBa's – not the components (!) – are "years" ahead of the competition. By what metric? Density of components? Well if so, then the smartphone makers beats Tesla..? Or does he get the PCB and components confused? Teslas FSD chips are great, but that is not equal to the PCBa.. Anyway, his (lack of) explanation makes no sense.

    Just a year ago, Sandy claimed that the one who "solved solid state batteries" would "win". Anyone with half a mind understands that only cost mattered even then. Given that there does not seem to be anything indicating that solid state batteries will be cheaper than "normal" batteries, this indicates that Sandy Munro does not really understand batteries. The mechanics of the battery pack, sure, but not the intricacies of battery production.

  3. I think this is a real thing. Since they have the same HW brain they are going to be capable of operating with that driver skill that Tesla invested so much in perfecting.

    There are a couple billion road vehicles in the world and at least a billion others like tractors, bulldozers, forklifts, combines, lawnmowers, etc.

    It will be a long time before all these dumb vehicles are replaced by specialized robotic versions. There will be a period when it makes sense to have humanoid robots among other things, acting as drivers.

  4. Sandy Munro is great at what he does but that’s not evaluating the progress of self driving AI. Until other carmakers have access to the same scale platform for data collection from a million+ vehicles on the road and the same NN training capabilities, they won’t even be in the race so it’s indeterminate how far behind they are. That depends on when they start.

  5. Chip shortages aren't going to help anyone catch up to Tesla, for sure. Unless U.S. manufacturers start making their own chips. I saw a Mach-E the other day on the highway and I thought it looked pretty awesome.

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