Intel Starts Building Two New Chip Factories in Arizona

Intel broke ground on two new chip factories in Chandler, Arizona. Intel will invest $20 billion in these factories.

Fab 52 and Fab 62 will manufacture Intel’s most advanced process technologies, including Intel 20A featuring the new RibbonFET and PowerVia innovations.

Intel is targeting completion in 2024. The Fabs will use EUV (extreme ultra violet).

Written by Brian Wang,

10 thoughts on “Intel Starts Building Two New Chip Factories in Arizona”

  1. It's hard to have policies pushing national security, when you have politicians on the take from national security adversaries.

  2. Why is Intel building new Fabs? Shouldn't they be hoarding money and forming a SPAC to buy out someone with vision?

  3. I wish Intel all the best, but you should really compare transistor densities, not purported "nanometers/angstroms". And the roadmaps that Intel, TSMC and Samsung have published indicate that TSMC and Samsung will be leading the race until 2025 at least.

    I also believe that Intels only chance of catching up long term is to start a foundry service so that they too can get the necessary volume of production. Without it, you just cannot drive down the cost of production and increase the yield to competitive levels…

    And, they should either hop on the arm bandwagon or go for Risc-V with their own designs…

  4. Having the world's most advanced silicon foundries in a single disputed territory isn't the best idea.

    It should be a matter of national security, which it is.

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