Israel Has More Vaccinated But Just Doubled Daily COVID Infection Peak

Israel has 63% of its people vaccinated versus 53% in the USA but Israel doubled daily COVID infections peak. Israel also has about 20% of its population with booster shots.

Israel had over 20,000 daily COVID infections versus their old 10,000 peak.

Israel is lowering the booster shot age to 40.

The Daily COVID deaths in Israel are still about 35-50% of the previous summer peak but we will see what happens in 2-3 weeks if the 20,000 per day daily infections is sustained. Statistically, the daily deaths will likely rise to near the old peaks.

Israel reached high level of vaccination a couple of months before the USA and got with the delta variant about one month before the US. Israel indicates that the Pfizer vaccine substantially weakens 6 months after it is given. Israel is like the best case for the US in one to two months. If we scale what is happening in Israel to the USA, then we should multiple by about 35 to equalize the population.

SOURCES- NPR, Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,

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