Israel Has More Vaccinated But Just Doubled Daily COVID Infection Peak

Israel has 63% of its people vaccinated versus 53% in the USA but Israel doubled daily COVID infections peak. Israel also has about 20% of its population with booster shots.

Israel had over 20,000 daily COVID infections versus their old 10,000 peak.

Israel is lowering the booster shot age to 40.

The Daily COVID deaths in Israel are still about 35-50% of the previous summer peak but we will see what happens in 2-3 weeks if the 20,000 per day daily infections is sustained. Statistically, the daily deaths will likely rise to near the old peaks.

Israel reached high level of vaccination a couple of months before the USA and got with the delta variant about one month before the US. Israel indicates that the Pfizer vaccine substantially weakens 6 months after it is given. Israel is like the best case for the US in one to two months. If we scale what is happening in Israel to the USA, then we should multiple by about 35 to equalize the population.

SOURCES- NPR, Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Current boosters are the originally shipped versions as is (which were designed from the original chinese genome map), but they plan on releasing modified version (with gamma/delta targeting) by the end of the year (including trials). That might change if they also want to map in mu/lambda, but that will delay the trials (but not the production as it's a fast change for existing equipment). If I remember info about early Phizer, they were trialing 5-20 specific sequences that were highly similar in effectiveness but have slightly different side effect ratios. I don't remember if the current vaccine is a single sequence or a mix of a few from that early culling of sequence variants.

    There's also the issue of how much is original Delta vs Delta subvariants, plus any lambda and mu crawling around (and if the ratio of asymptomatic in mu/lambda is substantially different from Delta).

    Also Israel is a mostly Phizer deployment, but Moderna had 3x the raw mRNA payload weight per jab, though who knows if that makes an actual difference. Plus Novavax is rolling out with the inactivated "classical vaccine" as well.

    Plus with [4], the classic example would be Japan, which did okay at the start, but as asymptomatic carriers increase while testing decreased, they are starting to see escape into school age populations and expanding from there.

  2. Hope you are not a Gaúcho from Rio Grande do Sul.

    Just check vaccination curves and Covid deaths and cases in the state.

    Ivermectin studies show its useless.

    Joe Rogan most likely got a cold and had a false positive, because the negative came too soon after. If he had died and the virus with him, there would still be another positive, so short time afterwards.

    Plus, beware of positive bias. You cling to the few cases that seem to confirm your anti scientific stance and ignore all the unvaccinated people dying of covid in the US, most of those while using alternative treatments

  3. Does not compute
    Of Israel's 9,326,000 population 60.9% were fully vaccinated two days ago, so the current weekly average of  9,153 cases per day which are the global highest per capita on the full population amounting to 0.10% on full population, daily new cases would jump to 0.25% of those not fully vaccinated – wow, in 100 days 25% of those would have covid.
    How many of these have already had the covid and are immune? 

    In Israel two days ago the situation was Doses given 14.1 M, Fully vaccinated
    % of population 60.9% (5.51 M) Which means a further 3.08 M of the population had at one dose bringing both together to 92%

    Over 12% of the total population already has had covid and are immune.
    So who is left?

    Yes, there could be some overlap but remember, the above figures of total population includes babies just born.

  4. Israel has large unvaccinated populations. Even if vaccinations provided good protection against infection (which it does early on but vanes over time) delta would still spread as a wild fire between the religious nutters who refuse all vaccines; these people are not distributed randomly but live in religious communities and meet likeminded unvaccinated individuals.

  5. The problem with natural immunity is that you must get the virus and take the full harm of being infected without any prior immunity. This possibly includes permanent loss of smell, chronic fatigue/long covid symptoms which we don't really understand yet but seem to be occuring even to young people, permanent lung damage, death and other nasties.

    The vaccine provides strong reduction of harm from getting the disease and there is good reason to believe that getting the virus after getting the vaccine provides better immunity than just getting infected and recovering.

  6. Agree with what you say – perhaps some component of several factors but in my opinion the wave of numbers is so strong as to wash over most factors except that the vaccines are not what we are told they are

  7. I'll probably get down-voted for saying it, but I think the answer to your question is YES.

    For awhile now, I have been thinking (as an actual scientist), "gee … how is it that this vaccine seems so much not to be working for such a significant number of our population, as far as the statistics goes?"

    [1] Could be better, faster, more pervasive testing

    [2] Could be Delta isn't significantly blocked by the current M-RNA vaccine

    [3] Could be that vaccine's decline in protective power declines FAR faster than advertised over time

    [4] Could be that the vaccine never was very potent to begin with, and it really was the SOCIAL DISTANCING (and avoidance entirely) that had the most impact. 

    [5] Could be the Typhoid Mary effect is in play with a LOT more asymptomatic carriers are out-and-about

    [99] Could be all of the above, … and most likely is.

    These things 'bother me' a lot. Bother me because if [1] is true, then it is taking profound mendacity by the people-in-charge to gin up vaccine hubris. 

    Because if [2] is at the root, that BY NOW a replacement vaccine ought to be advertised, ballyhooed, and given as the REASON to take a 2nd or 3rd jab.  

    If [3] is significantly real, then we're being duped. Bad wool.

    [4] Is the most nefarious of agents at work. And the most likely, since Big Pharma is making hundres of billions on this, worldwide. 

    [5] Can't be helped. Younger-and-younger people become hidden agents. 

    ⋅-⋅-⋅ Just saying, ⋅-⋅-⋅
    ⋅-=≡ GoatGuy ✓ ≡=-⋅

  8. The CDC recently admitted that twice the number of Americans had Covid19 than was previously estimated.

    Maybe Israel just has better testing?

  9. Israel – vaccination + booster shots = the global highest %, also highest globally current per capita new cases per day except very small population island states

    India as crowded as Israel – Ivermectin = one of the lowest globally current per capita new cases per day

    Are we being conned by the powers that be pushing vaccines?

  10. If the unvaccinated people congregate often then they are going to have problems. These people will have to get vaccinated or infected before then infection rate can diminish. Might happen in waves especially if groups of these people are geographically disperse in isolated communities.

  11. So what if natural immunity gives better future protection. Depending on several factors you may never develop that immunity and instead die.

  12. The previous article compare vaccinated to previously infected and the probability of future infection. Those vaccinated were 3 times more likely to be infected as those who had the virus infection before.

    The the media attacks Joe Rogan since he was not vaccinated and when he got the vaccine he took other treatments like Ivermectin. He was sick for three days!!! On this board there was an article where it showed a META study that used 30 Ivermectin studies which showed Ivermectin was effective at treating covid.

  13. An interesting observation is that the UK delayed the timing of the second shots compared to the US and Israel. This has been suggested to give better protection for the UK population.

  14. So either the delta variant is a freight train, or the vaccines are mostly useless.
    If the vaccine works as advertised, you could still get covid but not show any symptoms. At best this makes you Typhoid Mary.
    It's the opposite of the "if everyone else is vaccinated" argument, like for polio.

    Someone tell me they're working on a better vaccine.

  15. The assertion in the article that deaths will follow the same trajectory as in prior waves is likely wrong. The current U.K. delta wave, which has seen infections running close to the record in the prior alpha wave, as seen much lower hospitalisation and deaths when adjusted for the same point in the wave. Moreover the average age of infections is much lower in the latest wave, which mirrors the vaccine rollout, which started with the most vulnerable, where vaccination rates are now very high, and only recently reached teenagers.

  16. Israel is a very crowded country and showed to have higher infection rate in past waves. The daily average is around 10k not 20 k. The data suggests that the booster shot helps to reduce infection significantly, but not enough people have received it. Still the graph show that the current wave in Israel is near peaking, however it will be delayed by the start of the year school and the coming holidays.

  17. My understanding is that the vaccination rate in the vulnerable demographics there approaches 100%. The reason they're only at 78% vaccination is because the vaccination rate in young people is considerably lower. But, of course, they're at less risk in the first place.

    This article cites the Orthodox and Israel's Muslims as being disproportionately unvaccinated, but the disproportion isn't profound. "Out of the 1,080,000 people eligible for the vaccine who have not yet received the shot, 16 percent belong to the ultra-Orthodox community and 31 percent are Israeli Arabs, with the rest belonging to the general population. Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs constitute around 12 and 21 percent of Israel’s population, respectively, and are both disproportionately represented among the unvaccinated."

    So the Orthodox are only 30% more likely to be unvaccinated, and the Muslims 50% more likely. The biggest driver is age.

  18. I am guessing that a percentage of Israel population refuses to get vaccinated and that they congregate. Covid has to burn thru this segment.

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