South Korea Developing Advanced Military Robots and Stealth Drones

South Korea is developing a tailless stealth drone similar to the Lockheed RQ 170 Sentinal.

The US first deployed the Lockheed RQ 170 Sentinal in Afghanistan back in 2007. The US built about 20-30 Lockheed RQ 170 Sentinals.

The US also has the Grumman X47B stealth drone. The US spent about $1 billion on the Navy X47B stealth drone program and built two of them before retiring them. The wingspan of the blended-wing-body design, Korean KUS-FC drone, is 16 meters (53 ft.) and the length is 10 meters. The second X47B was larger and had a 62 foot wingspan and weighed about 7 tons empty and would takeoff with 20 tons of weight.

South Korea is also developing “suicide drones” that would deploy from a soldier’s backpack with a significant payload of explosives.

South Korea is also developing ground support robots. These are like unmanned jeeps to support a squad by carrying about 1 ton of equipment.

Hanwha MUGV ground bot has a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour on paved roads and 18 kph over land without roads. A competing ground bot HR-Sherpa’s has maximum 30 kph speed on paved roads and 15 kph over land without roads. The Hanwha MUGV has a driving range of 200 kilometers compared to the HR-Sherpa’s 30 kilometers. Both use lithium-ion batteries. The remote control range of Hanwha MUGV is 1.6 kilometers, compared to the HR-Sherpa’s 1 kilometer. With the help of a communication drone, Hanwha can increase the range two to three times.

SOURCES- Wikipedia, Defense Post, korean Herald
Written by Brian Wang,

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