SpaceX Targets Less Than $1000 per Ton Force Raptor Engine

Elon Musk says the SpaceX Raptor engine needs to be 10X lower cost. Order of magnitude change is good reason for a new name. He says what really matters is not yet another “advanced” rocket engine. There has never been a cheap (less than $1000/Ton-force) rocket engine.

The SpaceX Raptor engine will have about 250 tons of force. This means the engines are currently about $2-2.5 million and will reach $250,000 or less.

The SpaceX Super Heavy will have about 29-33 engines and the Starship will have 7 engines. The cost of all of the engines for a complete SpaceX Super Heavy Starship will be less than $10 million. Currently, the cost of all of the engines is about $100 million.

SOURCES- Elon Musk, Wikipedia
Written by Brian Wang,