Tesla FSD 10 Testers Agree a Large Improvement Has Been Delivered

Tesla full self-driving testers are reporting that FSD Beta 10 is a large improvement. They agree that in 2-4 weeks it will be ready for the start of wide opt-in release.

They are feeling far more confident and comfortable using FSD.

Gali of Hyperchange now thinks that robotaxi level could be reached in 6 months. Prior to version 10, Gali though that with version 9.2 it would take 5 years to reach robotaxi level. Gali thinks the current system is now safer than many human drivers.

It is not perfect. There are some testers who indicate some disappointment. Even those who are enthusiastic note a few disengagements and issues.

A wide release of FSD with full features that is able to handle almost all driving situations would enable more of the FSD revenue to be recognized. Currently, Tesla only recognizes about half of the FSD revenue. The rest of the revenue is deferred until the full features are available. Deferred revenue is payment that has been received for goods or services before they’ve been fully delivered.

Recognizing another 40% of the FSD revenue would be over $1 billion of revenue. This could get recognized in Q3 or Q4 of this year.