Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Button is Live

The Tesla full self-driving beta button is live.

Tesla owners can now request to become part of the full self-driving beta. The system will monitor driving for 7 days and if the person is deemed to be a safe driver then they will be given access based upon Tesla’s selection criteria and timing.


12 thoughts on “Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Button is Live”

  1. I would assume if there was an indication, it would probably be in the visualization mode? Brian could probably answer this as I believe he owns a Tesla with FSD hardware, assuming he's allowed into the beta…

  2. "they do say to keep your hands on the wheel to be ready to take over"
    Is there an additional signal for drivers if FSD system calculates higher risk within traffic situation for to prepare drivers for highest attention the next seconds? Even with constantly monitoring ('boring' monotonic) situations and parameters, interpretation of risks can be different between FSD system and human drivers (especially if sensors are superior to human capabilities on maybe fog, snow, rain, wind speeds or critically changed road conditions to come or depending on level of experience and knowledge or even higher probability for technical failures)?

  3. It less "safest" detected driver, and more detected "attentive enough" drivers who can take over when it disengages or requires intervention. That cabin camera is there for multiple reasons.

    Which is sorta reasonable since it is still beta, and they do say to keep your hands on the wheel to be ready to take over. If you don't look attentive enough to react in time, no beta for you. Once they clear another confidence hurdle from the beta rollout, THEN Tesla can replace the worst drivers.

    Though one might argue that THE worst Tesla drivers are thrill seekers who push their car too hard manually anyways due to the high power on tap for performance EV's, which FSD won't help with. Hooners gotta hoon…

  4. Think this, because it's beta version, safest driver's abilities and data should first teach the driving assistance system? Then with launch being an unrestricted customer version, all drivers, not only these (temporarily) inclined to higher risks, are fully assisted by the system or assist the car's system, etc?
    With reading https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2021/09/tesla-trains-safer-driving-with-safety-score-feedback.html it seems interesting, to what amount the car's assistance systems and autopilot approach need today's drivers car/traffic handling/timing/interaction data for to improve (general/individual) security?

  5. Calling it "full self driving" is dangerous.

    Same as the "autopilot" term they threw around a few years ago until people started to rely on it and drove through solid objects a few times.

    If they called it "enhanced cruise control" that would be both more accurate and far safer.

    But if Musk has a weakness it is the lack of a filter between "what sounds cool in a meeting with his buddies" and "what gets sent out to the public". This reacts badly with all the people who have a matching lack of filter between what they read in a press release/tweet/ad and what they actually believe.

  6. No, this is nonsense. Already the self-driving is safer than unassisted driving. This is both measurable and measured. Banning the technology off public roads is the same thing as forcing people to have more accidents. The numbers are in, and they are incontrovertible. Follow the science!

  7. You aren't supposed to rely on it. You're supposed to remain alert and ready to take control at all times. True level 5 autonomy is obviously still years away.

  8. I'm a big Elon booster. Most significant person of the last 70 years, there is no close second.

    Elon is a risk-taker. With so many people gunning against him, just waiting for him to fail (looking at you, Jeff Bezos, you elfish grinch with no soul) I sure hope he knows what he is doing.

    I sure hope his legal beagles are top notch.

    But mostly, I pray that nobody is injured, or worse, killed by overconfidance in the still unfinished software…

  9. This is hilarious. governments should be banning self driving testing from public roads. companies should be testing sdc tech off public roads at test centres till it is proven beyond resonable doubt that it works . governments these days are gutless and let multinational companies ride roughshod all all over them.

  10. This is dangerous. The system is no-where near self driving and reliance on it is lead to crashes. I've been watching videos of regular failures of the system.

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