COVID-19 About 1957 Flu Pandemic Level Ranking

Looking at a list of pandemics COVID-19 is ranking at about the percent of global population loss (0.07-0.25%) at about the level of the 1957 flu (0.03-0.1%).

World population is now over three times larger so instead of 1.1-4.0 million global population hit, the 1957 flu would adjust to 3.6 to 13 million. COVID-19 is estimated at 5 million to 19 million and still continuing into 2022. the higher estimates of 19 million include excess non-COVID deaths caused by lack of care for other conditions during COVID surges. The actual pure COVID-19 number is currently likely about 8-11 million.

COVID-19 has plague-level (15+%) death rates for unprotected old people.

SOURCES – Wikipedia, CDC
Written by Brian Wang,