Boeing Starliner Delaying into 2022 or 2023

Boeing’s program manager for commercial crew, John Vollmer, says Boeing is now targeting the first half of 2022 for the uncrewed test flight of Starliner. A crewed flight would occur in 2023 IF the uncrewed test flight is successful.

SpaceX successfully completed its demonstration crewed mission in 2020. the third certified SpaceX Dragon mission Crew-3 is scheduled to go to the International Space Station on October 31. Two more SpaceX Dragon missions are scheduled for 2022. SpaceX will also fly non-NASA human missions for Axiom Space and Inspiration space. SpaceX has already flown 14 people and should fly 32 more people by the end of 2023. The Space shuttles flew about 850 people over 30 years.

Boeing-ULA are hoping to launch an unmanned Space Launch System for an around the moon test mission in 2022. They are stacking the Orion capsule now but it will likely not launch until early 2022.

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SOURCES- Scott Manley, BBC, Wikipedia
Written by Brian Wang,