Sorry Nextbigfuture Comments Have Been Broken

Hi readers and commenters.

The Nextbigfuture comment system has been broken for a couple of weeks.

I have been trying to contact Openweb/ support but they have not replied.

When I do finally get in contact with them I will try to get basic operations restored. I will get an export of all the comments and look to migrate to disqus.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “Sorry Nextbigfuture Comments Have Been Broken”

  1. Maybe we get an insight what's the comment system's traffic for a web page's performance? Giving a restriction a chance for getting an informational addition.
    Thanks for enabling conversation

  2. Another thing that is broken is the link that should show posts from earlier than the October 7 post about the Facebook etc. outage.

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