Tesla Compared to BYD, NIO, XPeng for September 2021

Tesla produced 56,006 cars in China in September and produced about 34,000 cars in Fremont in September. Tesla delivered 241,000 EV cars in the third quarter. Tesla makes EVs exclusively. Tesla made 133000 cars in China in the third quarter and 109,000 cars in Fremont in the third quarter. Tesla made about 92000 cars in September.

In September, China had 278k BEV out of a total Passenger Car market of 1.65m units.

BYD sold 36,238 EVs in September, 2021. BYD also sold 34,861 hybrids. Hybrids and BEVs total 71,099 for September. Tesla made 2.5 times more EVs than BYD in September, 2021.

BYD EV-only sales totaled 91,616. Tesla sold 2.63 times more EVs than BYD in the third quarter.

NEV sales hit 183,000, up 294% vs. a year earlier.

Nio delivered 10,628 EVs last month, up 126% vs. a year earlier. September’s total also was a big boost from 7,931 in July and just 5,880 in August, amid chip woes. Tesla made 8.5 times more EVs than Nio in September. BYD made 3.3 times more EVs than Nio in September.

Nio sold 24,439 electric vehicles in the third quarter. BYD made 3.75 times more EVs than Nio in the third quarter. Tesla made 9.86 times more cars than Nio in the third quarter.

Xpeng sold 10,412 EVs in September, up 199% vs. a year earlier. Xpeng trails Tesla and BYD by almost the same amounts as Nio.

Q3 deliveries reached 25,666, up 199% and crushing Xpeng’s target of 21,500-22,500 deliveries.

Li Auto sold 7,094 Li One SUVs in September, up 103% vs. a year earlier. But it was down sequentially from August due to the prolonged chip shortage. Q3 deliveries totaled 25,116, up 190% and beating Li’s lowered Sept. 20 guidance for 24,500. Li Auto makes the Li One. SUV hybrid It has a small gas engine as a range extender. Li Auto only makes hybrids. Li Auto will start making pure EVs in 2022.