What is a Docker Container and how can you keep it safe?

In real life when you need to transport something, you place it inside a container. It can then travel on a boat, on a train
or even be pulled on the road by a truck, enabling it to get to its destination. In a virtual environment, the information
can also be placed inside containers, so that they can adapt better to any environment where their program/application
will have to be run. Here is an introduction to docker containers, that provides such a service, and how to keep them

​Docker Containers: A Packaging Solution for Software Development
It may all seem so easy, when you roam the internet, the way you can use all software and programs on them, without a
glitch. But that is mainly because programmers spend a lot of time making sure that no matter what operating system
your computer or mobile phone is using, these software and applications will adapt seemingly to them. To do so, they
use the technology of docker containers, more and more. They insert the application/service, its dependencies and the
configuration inside what is called a “container image.” That is how it is brought to the operating system on your PC,
Mac, or your smartphone.

The question you may ask yourself is: “why do they take the time to package all this together, instead of just leaving it in
the open, for the OS to find and run?” That’s because they would then have to adjust for each specific OS system, in
order for the software to run smoothly. That takes time, and many complications can then get in the way. By using the
docker containers and placing everything needed inside, they can deploy everywhere with almost no changes to be
made. A solution that has made them very happy, since time is money. However, it comes with its own problems. The
biggest one being keeping them safe, which bring us to our next subject: Docker container security.

​How to keep Docker Containers secured
It should be mentioned that docker containers are actually a much safer environment than the traditional virtual
machines. However, they remain a point that needs a lot of attention, since running applications online is still today an
important challenge, when it comes to keeping them safe. But because the components are isolated from one another, it
makes it much harder for hackers to exploit potential breaches. Here are a few things to keep in mind, to help keep
docker containers secured.

​Update Docker and Host often
When you update the docker and the host regularly, you ensure that all parts are optimized, thanks to the latest
versions. That in itself will make sure that there are no security breaches that can be found by malicious people.

​Limit Quotas
The programmer can limit the number of resources that the docker container can consume, at any point in time. That
helps the memory and CPU usage of the device running the information. It makes the docker container environment
more efficient and balances the overall resources needed, inside the container.

Finally, look for a specialized company, online, that can identify breaches. That way, all docker containers will be
secured, for sure.