Asia Population Peaks by 2040 Under 5 Billion

The pre-COVID UN 2019 population forecast was for Asia’s population to grow from about 4.6 billion to about 5.3 billion around 2055. Recent census for India and China have reported sharper drops in birthrates even before COVID. COVID is further suppressing birthrates. India will likely only add 100-140 million people instead of 273 million. China’s population will decline more sharply.

The Total Fertility Rate drop was expected to take until 2050 in Asia appears to have already happened.

China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other asian countries that are started or are starting population declines will offset slower-growing Asian populations for an earlier population peak.

The only non-immigration based population growth in the world will soon only be from Africa.

SOURCES- World in Data, UN
Written By Brian Wang,