Nine Engine SpaceX Starship for 50% More Payload to Orbit

Elon Musk says that future Starships – or at least certain Starship variants – are being upgraded with 50% more Raptor engines and stretched propellant tanks. This will increase engines from 6 to 9. SpaceX will also increase fuel to about 300 tons. This will enable a larger Starship and Superheavy to launch 220 tons to orbit instead of 150 tons.

On December 17th, the Elon confirmed a tweet from three months ago.

The SpaceX Starship would be stretched about 5-6 meters with larger fuel tanks.

The full refueling of Starship in orbit would drop from 8-9 launches down to 7.

The first orbital test launch of a SpaceX Super Heavy Starship is likely delayed until March because of FAA regulatory delays.

SOURCES- Teslarati, Aeneas, Elon Musk, The_Denks
Written by Brian Wang,

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