$3 billion IonQ Quantum Computers Making Barium Ion Qubits

IonQ went public and is currently valued at $3.4 billion and was briefly over $6 billion in market value.

IonQ plans to use barium ions as qubits in its systems, bringing about a wave of advantages it believes will enable advanced quantum computing architectures. IonQ has built its systems to date with ytterbium ions. Now, IonQ plans to use barium ions to build systems that are designed to be faster, more powerful, more easily interconnected, and that feature more uptime for customers.

The key benefits of quantum computers based on barium qubits to include:

* Lower error rates, higher gate fidelity, and better state detection. IonQ’s quantum computers already outperform industry peers, as demonstrated in an industry study by the Quantum Economic Development-Consortium in October. IonQ expects barium qubits to improve the performance of its quantum gates and qubit measurement, leading to even more useful quantum computers.

* A foundation for iterable, more reliable hardware, with more uptime for customers. Barium qubits are controlled primarily with visible light—rather than ultraviolet light—allowing IonQ to build its future quantum computers with standard silicon photonics technology. Visible light devices are easier to source and more reliable than their ultraviolet equivalents. Using standard technology will allow IonQ to scale its computers and replace components more easily, providing more computing time for customers than ever before.

* More easily networked quantum systems. IonQ plans to connect multiple quantum processing units together with light, creating a modular system with greatly improved processing power. Barium qubits pave the way for higher levels of device integration and easier networking of multiple systems.

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