Antiaging Vaccine Shown in Mice

A vaccine has been used that helps the body remove zombie cells in some types of tissue in mice. This is initial work that could lead to a better solution to one of the seven major types of aging damage.

Drugs that treat this aging damage problem are called senolytics.

Fightaging describes the recent work which was reported in the journal Nature. SIWA Therapeutics and Deciduous Therapeutics are working to increase the pace at which the immune system clears senescent (zombie malfunctioning) cells.

SIWA Therapeutics has identified a specific set of surface features on senescent cells. It seems likely that there will be variance in such features from tissue to tissue. They will need to have other work to identify senescent cells for different tissue. The current tissue-specific vaccine could treat atherosclerosis.

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  1. I meant just to test it doesn't do anything bad that would show up within a few years (to maybe decades). It just has to do more good than harm to be useful, even if people who take it still die, but just a few decades later than they would otherwise.

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