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You have to go down below top stories on the left menu in google news to the Star and Follow. This takes you to the follow section.

You can then follow Nextbigfuture on Google News. This helps the site a lot to start enabling others to find Nextbigfuture articles via Google News.

It will be easier to track Nextbigfuture’s wide range of analysis and depth of information.

Here are some recent articles:

Get a direct look at the nanoscale and possible micro scale casimir force warp bubble proposal with direct links to Sonny White’s video presentations.

Understand how difficult a military invasion of Taiwan would be. Taiwan is two-thirds mountains and artillery and missiles placed in the mountains would be able to fire down on any attempted beach landings. Taiwan has had decades to prepare defenses against any invasion.

Several analysis that dig into why Elon Musk is wrong to be concerned about civilization ossifying if there was massive live extension.

The level of innovation is found to increase as people age up until they are about 55. Successful age reversal technology will need to rejuvenate people. It will need to restore mental plasticity. Innovation and new inventions increase up to age 55 when people start retiring in significant numbers.

Nextbigfuture looks at the history of significant delays in innovation from the delay in the acceptance of the Sun being the center of the solar system to the suppression of the concept of fuel depots in space for monetary interests.

Written by Brian Wang,