Global Aging Rejuvenation 10 Years is Worth $367 Trillion

The global economic benefit of successfully reversing aging (the Wolverine case) is analyzed in a peer reviewed paper in Nature. This hypothetical alternative to the Peter Pan (slowing aging) scenario is a reversal of aging. Biological damage is repaired rather than slowed. They name it after the Marvel character Wolverine and his daughter X-23 who both possess a healing factor enabling body tissue to be regenerated. Recent advances have shown that such regeneration is possible in mice and humans.

They assume a one-time intervention at age 65 that rewinds an individual’s biological clock back to a specific age.

They estimate an individual’s willingness to pay (WTP) and value of statistical life (VSL). VSL places a monetary value on the gains from longer life, better health, and changes in the rate at which we age.

They calculate taht a slowdown in aging that increases life expectancy by 1 year is worth US$38 trillion and by 10 years US$367 trillion.

The treatments could be re-applied at later ages but this is not calculated.

SOURCES- Science
Written by Brian Wang,