Dr Sonny White Theorizes Nanoscale Casimir Structures With Warp Bubble Effects

Dr. Sonny White has DARPA funding to explore tiny cavities that are built to create casimir force effects and White has proposed that building a one-micron sphere in the middle of a 4-micron cylinder will have nanoscale warp bubble effects. This could be buildable using a nanoscribe GT 3D printer that prints at the nanometer scale.

LSI Eagleworks has proposed to the community that one could build something that generate a negative vacuum energy density distribution. White during the AIAA presentation, “a toy model consisting of a 1-micron diameter sphere centrally located in a 4-micron diameter cylinder was analyzed to show a three-dimensional Casimir energy density that correlates well with the Alcubierre warp metric requirements.”

There is “no plan to do this currently,” explained White, as “we are laser-focused on the custom Casimir cavities.” [for DARPA].

White is building custom casimir cavities and will probe them for optical effects using lasers. The potential warp bubble structures could be built and studied in the lab.

SOURCES- Limitless Space Institute, Sonny White
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com