About 115000 Russian Troops Massing At Ukrainian Border

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has reported that Russia has increased troop levels on the border with Ukraine to about 115000. US intelligence indicates Russia could invade early next year with a force as large as 175,000 troops. Ukraine indicates Russia has about forty battalion groups.

Approximately 700 snipers, likely of the 20th CAA, began conducting reconnaissance and sniper exercises near the Ukrainian border on December 2.

Ukraine’s armed forces are about 255,000 men. Ukraine’s military can swell to 280,000 personnel using repeated waves of mobilization bringing in new recruits while older soldiers had not yet been demobilized.

In March 2018, the State Department approved the sale of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, the first sale of lethal weaponry since the conflict began, and in July 2018 the Department of Defense announced an additional $200 million in defensive aid to Ukraine, bringing the total amount of aid provided since 2014 to $1 billion.

NATO now rotates four battalion-sized land combat units to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. A multinational brigade, including air power, rotates to Romania.

About 12,000 people have been killed in the over seven years of fighting. Casualities are similar for both sides.

Ukraine has about 11 million military age men (16-49).

Russia has about 1 million active military personnel and 2 million in reserve.