Tesla Manufacturing and Innovation Advantage

Tesla has vastly superior engineering talent and business and engineering processes. Tesla has the lead with drivetrain, battery and control systems and aerodynamics and materials. Tesla has about 70% of the US EV market and 20% of the global EV market. This market share is even more dominant when only EVs in the same price range and segment are considered. A $4000 mini EV is not in the same market as a $50000 Tesla. Tesla will enter all major car segments. Tesla will likely carve out 50-70% market share in segments it enters.

The Toyota Production System was the best in class the auto industry for decades. Toyota has kept a manufacturing advantage over other car companies for over two decades.

If the Android software was not created then Apple would have 70+% of the smartphone market. There is no Android equivalent for Tesla competitors.

Tesla has an Agile process and Agile hardware and sofware company. This enables Tesla to safely make 27 major changes to the factory production and car designs every week. Tesla has full automated testing for every car.

Toyota is sending its next CEO into a separate subidiary so he can learn Agile processes and management in a company that leverages Agile methods. This will be a seven year process.

Tesla innovations enable them to have 30-100% more core efficiency with their cars and to have 30% operating margins. Tesla gets 30-100% more range for same size battery pack with range adjusted for car weight. Competitors are losing money on each electric car that they make. A few Chinese EV makers are barely profitable. Legacy carmakers use EVs for credits to avoid penalties selling profitable SUVs and Trucks. Tesla will start making cybertrucks and CyberSUVs.

Tesla will compete in all categories of cars. Tesla will keep and grow its dominance and they will suck all the profits from competitors like Apple does.

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