CATL Set Up New 80 GWh/Year Battery Factory in 3 Months

CATL set up a new battery factory in 3 months. It is right beside Tesla Giga Shanghai. The new iron LFP battery factory is already at 60% of planned capacity. The buildings existed and met CATL specs. They rapidly changed whatever needed to be changed and put in new equipment. It will have 80GWH/year planned capacity and is already working at 48 GWh/yr. This is 4 GWH per month and soon 6.5 GWH/month. This is enough for 65,000 cars per month and soon 100,000 cars per month.

Tesla is battery and chip constrained. Tesla produced 70,000 cars per month in December, 2021 and 52,000 to 56,000 in each of September, October and November 2021. Tesla made about 180,000 cars in China in Q4, 2021 and 305,000 cars worldwide.

Tesla could use the new capacity to get to 350,000 to 440,000 cars in Q1 of 2022. Tesla is acquiring more battery supply from other providers as well.

CATL has 55% of the China battery market.

SOURCES- Electric Viking
Written by Brian Wang,

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