Reports Tesla Will Start New Plant and Double China Production

Tesla plans to start work on a new plant in Shanghai as soon as next month as part of a plan to more than double production capacity in China to meet growing demand for its cars in the country and export markets, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Tesla’s produced 68,117 cars in Shanghai in January 2022. This is 817,000 cars for a full year. Doubling this capacity would be 1.63 million cars per year.

Reports are that Tesla will be able to produce 2 million cars per year at the expanded China facilities.

SOURCES- Reuters
Written By Brian Wang,

4 thoughts on “Reports Tesla Will Start New Plant and Double China Production”

  1. The best thing would be to build a factory in Poland instead of increasing the Berlin factory above the initial 500k production capacity..

  2. In that scenario, wouldn't it be hilarious if Musk:
    1. Built the new China factory in record time
    2. Blew up the German plant and said "Auf Wiedersehen"

  3. Might as well.

    Mercedes, VW, Porsche etc have grafted enough German politicians to throw rubs in Teslas way until they are ready to compete.

    I would not be surprised if Tesla didn’t produce a single vehicle in Germany this year.

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