More Powerful Model S Plaid Motors Will Be in Cybertruck

Tesla Model S Plaid Motors have vastly superior power and torque using revolutionary innovations in the electric engine. The only thing that is still the same compared to other electric motors is the shaft.

Sandy Munro expects the Model S Plaid engine will go into the Cybertruck to provide insane levels of power and torque.

Elon Musk indicated that the Cybertruck will not be released until 2023 as a 2022 release would reduce the number of Model 3 and Model Ys that get built. Elon said Tesla is working to reduce the cost while including all of the revolutionary technology.

The steel shell and exoskeleton are not engineering barriers to the Cybertruck according to Sandy Munro.

The 8000-ton gigacasting made by Idra is revolutionary. Tesla is using their own alloy. The alloy is sprayed into the gigacasting molds in 10 milliseconds. The complete casting for the Cybertruck reduces the number of parts, makes it stronger and lighterweight and speeds up manufacturing.

Gigacasting has micron precision.

SOURCES- Sandy Munro, Limiting Factor, Best in Tesla, My Tesla Weekend
Written by Brian Wang,

3 thoughts on “More Powerful Model S Plaid Motors Will Be in Cybertruck”

  1. I think the principle machine tools you'd need to make the steel shell would be press brakes which don't use custom dies like stamping presses, and are cheaper than stamping presses. Those dies wear out too.
    The shell should be cheaper than all the stamped, and welded steel parts it replaces, yet much stronger.

  2. Of course, a grand total of 0.0 people need to go anywhere near that fast, but as an R&D project? never know what kind of doors will open.

    More torque? 
    Who knows, what is needed for a pickup truck?

  3. Sorry, I don't trust Munro's knowledge of what is a suitable motor for the cybertruck. I like the guy, but…. Remember how he went on and on about how solid state batteries was the "thing" and that whoever got them would "win"?

    As we all learn more about batteries, it's obvious that it's about cost and production scaling. The safety of batteries is good enough and so is the energy density. Note that Tesla could easily reach 400 miles of range with their model 3, model Y, model X and model S by using more batteries. It would just be too expensive and it would not optimize the number of cars sold…

    The point of bringing this up is to show that Munro claimed something with absolute certainty, but it was hogwash.

    And in this episode he claims that Teslas way of winding the carbon sleeve could be replaced by a mesh carbon "glove" that you could slide over from one end. But how would you reach the necessary strain in the carbon fibers? Remember that Elon said that high strain in the winding is crucial and that they even had to make their own winding machines to do this effectively?

    Sorry Munro, I think that you have misunderstood the purpose of the carbon sleeve.. And I don't believe that Munro is an expert on electric motors.. Production cost, yes, electric motors and batteries no…

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