Tesla FSD in Canada and Berlin and Austin Opening

Tesla is testing FSD in Canada on 60 cars and will be expanding to more testers this weekend.

Tesla makes their own C compiler for maximum efficiency and a higher frame rate for the self-driving computer.

Tesla Berlin Opening

A recent report from Germany suggests that Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s final approval is expected to be released at the end of this week. The official opening of the facility is scheduled for March 22, 2022, according to the news media outlet, though this date could be pushed back a day to March 23, 2022 instead.

Tesla Austin – Model Y Deliveries

One more EPA approval is needed and Tesla Austin will be able to start delivering Model Ys.

SOURCES – Teslarati, Sawyer Merrit
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

6 thoughts on “Tesla FSD in Canada and Berlin and Austin Opening”

  1. I think that most of that environmental conserns and so on is funded or encouraged by german competitive Auto industry. They have laid a political trap for Tesla. First they had convinced them to build a factory there and that they will get the permits,.. and now when they invested so much and could start producing they wont give them the permit and that will go on and on. It is a probably a trap to help german Auto and weaken Tesla. Too bad. I dont think that is just german buraucracy, it is political from competition.

  2. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the Berlin permit will come through quickly… My concern is how is Tesla Berlin going to get a permit for a higher production than 500k per year once they have hit that mark? They would need more water – it would seem – than what the local system can supply. Also, we know that the permit process takes for ever in Germany…

    They should start on that permit and the related solution right away. A run rate of 500k may be just one year away which doesn't leave much time for the new permit.

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