US Tracking to 1 Million Total COVID Deaths in March as CDC Reports Almost 4000 COVID Deaths Feb 1st

The CDC recorded 3916 COVID deaths for February 1st, 2022 and the official cumulative US count of COVID deaths is 888,000. The number of daily cases counted peaked about two weeks ago but the COVID daily deaths will likely not decline for 8 weeks. The lack of decline in daily COVID deaths is because you catch COVID and then get hospitalized if the person is unfortunate with comorbidities or a bad reaction. This can be seen in countries like South Africa which had an Omicron case count peak about 6-8 weeks before the US but has not seen a decline in daily deaths.

The US will, unfortunately, pass a cumulative count of COVID deaths over 1 million sometime in March 2022. It will be in April for the CDC figures but March for Worldometers. UK, Germany and other European countries are heading back up in daily cases and daily deaths. This started two weeks ago.

The UK has an assessment of BA.2 which is more transmissible variant of Omicron. South Africa first identified the BA.2 and BA.3 variants of Omicron.

The US and other countries need to invest in more widespread sequencing of the virus in mild cases so that new variants can be identified and tracked at an earlier stage.

The world should be transitioning from the pandemic stage to the endemic stage. The flu is around every year but everyone has had multiple cases of the flu before. The world will be at the point after Omicron where nearly everyone will have had COVID once and/or had vaccinations. COVID will be around like the flu but when we get it will be for the second or third or more times.

Written by Brian Wang,