SpaceX Starship Presentation 6PM PST Thursday

In 2022, SpaceX has been launching once per week. This is the rate of launch that SpaceX is targeting for 2022 and would mean 50+ launches.

SpaceX has announced a Starship presentation tomorrow at 6 PM PST / 8PM Texas time.

The Starship and Super Heavy were stacked before but are currently not stacked. There is live video feeds monitoring Boca Chica. the Starship will be stacked on top top of the booster for the presentation tomorrow.

SpaceX is making a second Starbase launch facility.

SpaceX should be starting or has started Raptor 2 engine production at the new McGregor factory. The plan is to produce 1000 Raptor 2 engines each year.

SpaceX lost 40 Starlink satellites due to a geomagnetic solar storm. This storm increased the drag in the atmosphere which caused the satellites to fail to reach the proper orbit.

SOURCES- SpaceX, Bluemoondance74, John Kraus
Written By Brian Wang,