Ukraine Gets 70 Fighter Jets

Ukraine is getting a total of 70 fighter jets from Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia. Russia already had failed to establish air superiority. Germany is sending antiaircraft missiles. This is significant military hardware.

The economic sanctions triggered a bank run in Russia and have given Russia about a 30% hit to its economy. Inflation in Russia has been calculated by some at 68% per year and Russia had to more than double interest rates to 20%.

Here is the Ukrainian site that reports the European donations.< [ukraine-segodnya-ua]/a>

SOURCES – Twitter, ukraine-segodnya-ua
Written by Brian Wang,

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  1. Could a fighter strike, do some damage, then when Russian fighters show up, flee before they get in range and fly relatively low over an area where troops are equipped with man portable surface to air missiles? Or I guess I should say, would that be practical/workable?

  2. Ukraine has no chance of winning, and not knowing anything about it I expected them to surrender, but they really don’t want to be ruled by Russia again.
    Now I think they will never stop fighting. They will transition to guerilla warfare and suicide bombers. This will become another Afghanistan for Russia, only there will be a much higher flow of modern weapons from the west.

    You can’t blame NATO for maneuvering to a more powerful position, and you can’t blame all Russia neighbors for wanting to join. Their choice is to align with democracy and free speech, or a corrupt dictatorship.

  3. I think we need an addendum to NATO Article 5 that if any member state purposely picks a war with Russia, they're on their own.
    They could maybe have a "foreign legion" type deal going, but even then sketchy. If private citizens want to go to Ukraine and fight, they can. That's about it.

  4. But, but, but… Ghost of Kiev. He has to be real, right?
    Maybe the CIA is keeping him a secret because he's the "secret weapon".
    ZOOOOOSH! There he goes!

  5. Just heard an interview, that the people of Poland are oiling their guns now. They will die before submitting to Russian rule again. The plains will run red with blood as they kill every single one of the invaders.

  6. Looks like NATO and the EU have nixed this idea. They do not want to be seen as expanding the war.

  7. Yeah, what about it? Britain isn't invading India, and if it would be very bad if they were. Everyone would condemn it, yourself included.

    Why are you so upset that Russia is being criticized for their current, ongoing crimes? Obviously they want to do these things and attract this criticism.

  8. Or not, there seems to be some backpedelling. Slovakia in particular wants to complete an agreement with Poland so Poland defends Slovakian airspace, since donating the Slovakian Migs will mean having almost no fighters to cover Slovakia proper.

    Bulgaria was also pushing back against the EU noises early on too.

    Either way, unless the US was properly underwriting the dispersion of F-16 replacements, none of this would happen either.

    Still, gotta feel bad for Ukraine getting the rug pulled out from under them. Also those Ukrainian pilots that landed in Poland have to be wondering what's going on…

  9. The SU-25 (Frogfoot) is a subsonic ground attack aircraft and is sort of the Russian version of an A10.

  10. What’s fake about Stalin causing the death of millions of Ukrainian people? Many people have called it genocide, just not Russian or Soviet leaders or their puppets. What’s fake about Soviet rulers persecuting Ukrainians for decades for declaring independence at the time of the revolution and forcing all to adopt the Russian language, even those who never spoke it before? What’s fake about the current Russian action being an invasion of a sovereign nation, and not a “special operation” or “peacekeeping”? What’s fake about Russia telling western social media companies to ban certain words like “war” and “invasion”? It’s like something out of 1984 (the novel)!

  11. The causes of that are unclear, as is whether it really increased, or whether the British just kept better records. Even amongst those agreeing there was an increase, there is academic debate on whether it was climatic or economic or a combination. What is not in doubt, is by the time British rule ended, famines had largely stopped and that is down to improved transportation and policies brought in by the British.

  12. drones are being jammed and shot down. They're having practically no effect except for the odd propaganda story

  13. It was clearly a case of mismanagement and nobody accepts it as genocide. Only you are spreading fake news.

  14. India suffered from climate induced famines long before British rule. Whether they became worse or not during British rule is the subject of academic debate. What isn’t in doubt, is that by the end of British rule, famines had largely been banished through the building of railways and famine laws, both a product of British rule.

    European colonial rule has much to criticise. But at least we acknowledge and are allowed to debate our failings. Russia doesn’t even allow certain words to be used in news reports! How pathetic is that?

  15. Stalin told Ukrainian people to switch crops to ones not suited to the land. Even then, when they were able to produce a little food, he ordered his people to raid Ukrainian homes and steal their food. Millions died. Yes millions of Russians died too, also because of Stalin’s disastrous policies. Then your people lied about it for decades, and only a few years ago, your separatists pulled down a memorial to the people who died.

    For a hundred years, Russian leaders have been attacking Ukrainian people and trying to wipe out their pre Soviet heritage. Putin is just the next to have a go at wiping out “Ukraine” and denying their right to exist.

  16. They are not cheap and not easy to replace. Also they need fuel and airstrips. Russians destroyed all fuel depots and airfields. In one week they will not be able to use tanks, drones, vehicle, etc. They will not have any fuel.

  17. Stop lying russians starved a the same time in Russia by millions. My grandmother moved to Uzbekistan from Russia (Orenburg) when she was 3.

  18. Brian, this is Ukrainian Parliament pushing EU to act, as it did with turkey to close Bosporus. Pls verify before posting

  19. Russia will not attack a NATO country unless provoked. The very reason for this war is to prevent Ukraine from joining the NATO. So I doubt Poland would be next.
    If there is no chance for the Ukraine for winning this war, sending civilians with molotovs against tanks and snipers is just meaningless bloodshed.

  20. sorties are being flown out of a Nato country then that would mean Nato is at war with Russia. Then Russia will react and blow up the Nato airfield. Hello WW3.

  21. Exactly. Poland and Bulgaria have cancelled this at this point in time.
    USA said no, no, no… No WWIII thank you!

  22. The enemy will probably attack from Belarus to cut/threaten western supply routes. The main target is Kiev! It will be a bloody battle. Ukraine is strong and resists, but the russian enemy will launch more troops from its reserves. Hope the Ukrainians find their strength, will to fight for democracy, better future and us all against the russian enemy!!!

  23. Would Russia also view Sweden and Finland suddenly coming on board as being muscled out and react badly? Big questions.

  24. The story may be premature and seems to be denied by a couple of the national governments that would have to approve.

  25. If Poland provokes a fight with Russia and Russia retaliates, does that automatically invoke Article 5?
    Because it sure seems like everyone is trying to get Russia to attack a NATO country just so we can invoke Article 5. The casual overconfidence is astounding. Why would any sane person want a war with Russia?

  26. Maybe their logistical capabilities have deteriorated in the past few decades. It takes effort to move fighter jets several hundred miles. Maybe Kyiv is just 20 miles out of reach.
    If so, you can bet the Russians are now doing what they can to move the jets closer to the action. But then they should have set up air fields outside Ukraine long before this happened.
    Kinda sloppy entering a war with insufficient air power.

  27. Drones are cheap and easy to replace. Shoot down a drone and no pilots are killed.
    We do know the drones took out some targets, like some Army vehicles in a convoy. If nothing else, this should cause morale problems with the Russian soldiers. They too must be wondering where their Air Force is.
    Unless you control the sky, the ground war could go either way.

  28. If it was a ground war, the USA would destroy those Russian forces with ease. But one does not simply declare a ground war against a nation with so many nukes.
    Nukes or not, USA will have no trouble defeating China. China is collapsing and the USA can't stop it if they wanted to. China is cocky and will demand a war, which they will lose fast.
    Yes, this is geostrategic. Russia is trying to expand out to the former USSR borders, which were easier to defend. They're in demographic collapse and soon won't be able to defend what they have.

  29. Poland would be smart in supply arms and even volunteer fighters for Ukraine.
    We know what this is. Russia is engaged in geopolitical expansion to the former USSR borders because they're easier to defend. If they get Ukraine, Poland is next. The geography hasn't changed since WWII when Hitler and Stalin chopped Poland in half.
    And Poland never forgave Russia for this. Nor should they.

  30. By the time they are ready to deliver the planes, the war will be long ended.
    They also can not use the airplane to attack starting from Poland or any other country of NATO, because it would invalidate the pact.
    It would be an hostile action of Poland against Russia and retaliation would be warranted.
    BTW, Slovakia already told "Nothing thru my land and airspace"

  31. All ukranian military airfields, military bases, depots are destroyed and they are winning it right. "There is dance in the sky on NATO territory to stop Russians and block their moves without war" – hahaha I am not even going to comment it.

  32. "they can fly missions over Ukraine from Poland"

    Good to see NATO finally getting off their knees.

    May you live in interesting times.

  33. Ukraine is using MANPADS, have decentralized command (spontaneously created), and used anti-air from ground to deny Russians the sky. The US is using cyber, air jamming etc. and give Ukrainians precise intel. There is dance in the sky on NATO territory to stop Russians and block their moves without war. The key element is the effectiveness of Ukrainian forces. Ukraine was supplied with British and polish anti-air systems just before the war and now. the same goes for anti-tank weaponry. Together this changes the battleground and forces Russians to win it on the field, using traditional artillery-b ased war that they are used to. Their rocketry is limited and imprecise. Seems they cannot target-effect of dance in the sky and just incompetence. Ukrainian air force was not destroyed and thanks to intel a and communication from US was able to push out russians. Not possible if not for MANPADS etc.However, 4 days ago everyone expected Ukraine to lose badly in first day. key element-morale and preparation of deep defense.

  34. You need fuel to fly planes. All their fuel depots are destroyed. Their airfields are also destroyed.

  35. Landing fighter aircraft on a city street might be far from ideal but I imagine that there are enough streets of sufficient length and width in free Ukraine to land on and take off from.

    Not to mention that there are almost certainly smaller airfields in Ukraine apart from the main ones.

  36. Almost all ukrainian drones are destroyed. You can find tons of videos of Russian helicopters and planes attacking ukranian military.

  37. If I had to guess I'd say even Putin doesn't want to risk a misunderstanding with any EU country over airspace that would bring them directly into the conflict with justification.

  38. OR, there is publicly available data of an aircraft, presumably an AWACS, flying up and down the Ukraine/ Poland border on the Polish side. Maybe there is a shadow war in the air and Russia is getting pummelled by unknown attackers without advertising their loses.

  39. Twitter as a source?
    Also, it's pretty clear people cannot think for themselves and it seems to me that some leaders want war, zelensky included.

  40. Theres still the mystery of where to Russian airforce is. The Ukrainians are still able to fly drones with impunity on day 5 of the war, and the Russians are still mostly using missiles rather than aircraft (Along with the skill they learned in Syria) to deliver bombs. Have they been grounded by cyber attack? Pilots refusing to fly? Are they waiting for something else to happen?

  41. Also, there's a lot of tit-for-tat, the US supplying F-16's to replace the jets given to Ukraine. Though there is some juggling involved as they want to supply the same ones as the donors are currently using (block 52+), but there are only 55 F-16CJ left in the US inventory allegedly…

  42. Well the Ghost of Kyiv is likely a convenient fiction at this point but…

    That many fighters is going to bring a lot of damage

  43. I don't think Article 5 is invoked if the pilots are Ukranian. But they do need trained pilots to fly them. Ukraine isn't part of NATO, so those counties can supply Ukraine without invoking anything to do with NATO. Unless they're doing it as an excuse to imvoke Article 5, which nobody sane would want.

  44. Does Ukraine have enough pilots? If they fly combat missions from Poland won't Russia strike Polish airfields? Won't Poland then invoke Article 5? Won't Russia and NATO/America then be directly at war? Won't we then all die in a nuclear exchange? This makes me very nervous.

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