Two Other Solid State Battery Companies – Prologium and Qingtao New Energy

Taiwan Solid State battery maker Prologium received tens of millions of dollars in investment from Mercedes. Chinese EV maker NIO Inc said it would deliver its ET7 sedan equipped with a 150-kilowatt-hour battery pack featuring solid-state cells from the fourth quarter of 2022. ProLogium said it aims to accelerate development of a new plant by the end of 2022 to move toward mass production of its solid-state battery.

In October, Prologium raised $326 million in its latest funding round from investors including Primavera Capital Group and SoftBank China Venture Capital.

On February 26, 2022, Qingtao New Energy solid-state lithium battery had a ground breaking ceremony for a 5 billion yuan (US$792 million) solid state lithium battery factory in Kunshan Development Zone. The plan is to reach 10 billion watt-hours per year. They expect $158 million per year in revenue which implies selling for 1000 yuan ($158) per kilowatt hour.

SOURCES- Reuters, Seetao, Prologium
Written By Brian Wang,

2 thoughts on “Two Other Solid State Battery Companies – Prologium and Qingtao New Energy”

  1. There was no need to develop solid state batteries until the need for use in transportation came up. This of course was initially taken up by small evolutionary improvements in existing lithium batteries we have today.

  2. I am a huge fan of solid-state batteries. The first company to mass-produce affordable, long-lasting solid-state batteries will change the world.

    But, just like fusion, many announcements and claims, but no real-world production.

    Who knows if these claims are real? Any products showcased or third-party validation? I would love for this to be real, but am very skeptical…

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