Passed 1 Million US COVID Cases Today According to Worldometers

Worldometers is reporting cumulative US COVID deaths at 1,000,355 as of today for yesterdays data.

The CDC reports that as of Monday, March 21 the US has had a total of 971,422 and will add the Tuesday number today to get to about 972,400. The CDC data will report the US passing 1 million cumulative COVID cases in late April.

John Hopkins reports cumulative US COVID deaths at 973,213. This aligns with the CDC 971,411 figure for Monday data.

The University of Washington COVID forecasting model has been updated to 983,472 for July 1, 2022. The two forecasts made for 2022 for June 1, 2022 were both too low and were wrong within about two weeks after they were made.

Vox noted in May, 2002 that the IHME model was overly simplistic and wrong. The IHME model has been cited often by the White House and has informed its policymaking. But it may have led the administration astray: The IHME has consistently forecast many fewer deaths than most other models, largely because the IHME model projects that deaths will decline rapidly after the peak — an assumption that has not been borne out.

The IHME model will never be right unless COVID cases decline and stay down for the rest of their 100-day forecast. The US is about to experience another surge in daily cases and a modest increase in daily deaths from the spread of Omicron BA2. The BA2 variant already has been hitting Europe and there was another surge in cases. BA.2 is about 35% of COVID cases in some parts of the US.

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  1. I'm surprised I am not that far off. Though, I suppose the alternative is either living in a tree house while being a sleepwalker, or being particularly cantankerous when drinking at bars.
    It couldn't be motorcycles, no one survives several motorcycle accidents.
    I guess I haven't lived that exciting of a life. I do have legitimately large bones though.
    The bone I may have broken in my little toe happened because an axle with cast iron hubs and multi-leaf springs was "thrown" off a truck, the back end lifted up and over its 90-something inch length (one end lifted until the axle is vertical on the edge of the bed of the truck and pushed so it fell over out of the truck). That thing vaulted onto my foot, pinching it against the asphalt driveway. Just wearing tennis shoes. Probably would flatten a steel toe. Someone would have to do the math there. It was about 180 lb, though only one end, so 90 lb and it fell about 12 feet because the bed was about 4 feet above the ground. And the mass stopped after what, 1.5 inches after contact? It was probably slower than free-fall because of the rotation, but not dramatically, as it was pushed and did not just fall, so it would clear the end of the truck as it fell.
    Why unload axles this way? The springs tend to bind all the axles together into a big mass. But we stopped using this method after my boo-boo. Though, it's possible, my dad may have been more concerned about the dings in the driveway.

  2. OK, one broken foot and one broken hand was from karate. One broken foot from Tae Kwon Do. One split open head and one dislocated knee from Jiu Jitsu.
    ALL the rest were not martial arts related at all. Mostly bike riding. (Technically, bike-falling-off.)
    Some snow boarding.

    They would have to be unconscious in a traffic accident to end up in a hospital.

    That only happened the once.

  3. Am completely covered by a combination of government and private insurance.
    I've broken hands, feet, ribs several times in my life. The first few times I went to see doctors, who told me to rest and take it easy until it got better.
    So after that I stopped going. Even with insurance it's still wasting half a day to be told the same thing I got told last time.

    (I did go a couple of times since then, either because I had other injuries at the same time, or because the pain was much worse than normal. Still got told the same thing.)

  4. Yeah, corrupt places like Canada. Everywhere limits "free speech". Are you into snuff films, kiddy porn, bestiality, necrophilia, fraudulent advertising, lying crooked car dealers, the neighbors booming music at 120 decibels at 3AM, children cursing every other word at our schools like it is a lifer prison, porn video billboards lining the freeways, constant sexual harassment of your children and loved ones?

  5. Unlike Trump, Biden wants to be President of the whole Country, not just red or blue. There is no, toss under the bus, strategy of States where a majority did not vote Democrat. I think he cares about these deaths. Enough to push through alternatives to mRNA vaccines?? Doesn't appear so. It is not a matter of whether the vaccines we have work and safely, we have to alleviate the fears of the duped to save more of them, and their families. And, yes, we should. I have heard enough of the Darwin jokes. Should have months ago. It can still make a difference, but a lot of people have been immunized the hard way. In Mississippi, one out of 250 people have been killed. If you are a member of a church with 500 people, chances are, 2 of your congregation are dead from Covid-19. Probably more, if many of the people are elderly. This did not have to happen. We could have had a red and a blue vaccine. Try to get Trump to endorse one or another?? Something. Heck, I don't care if it is Sputnik.

  6. Considering it’s become both a pandemic of the unvaccinated, with the statistically the most deaths being in red leaning ares, it’s far from Biden)s fault.

  7. Probably was. No reason a very sick person could not wreck their bike collapsing from Covid-19. What have you to show they were not? Was it after the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Okay, looks like it was a month before.
    This motorcyclist was in Florida. If you bother to look at excess deaths in Florida, they are vastly higher than the official Covid-19 deaths. And there is considerable evidence of false numbers put out by the State. They fired the web developer because she would not fudge the numbers. Then they looted her home to get the phone numbers of the people giving her the real numbers after she made her own site. Did I mention the excess deaths? Massive disparity.

  8. And there are people who are insured who won't go to a hospital no mater what. They just don't trust modern medicine. They prefer unconventional medicine. They would have to be unconscious in a traffic accident to end up in a hospital. I am guessing that is somewhere between 1% and 4%.

  9. People not going in, is not "shut down for a year and a half". Also, if they are replying to a survey, they are still alive, and the condition probably was not severe. Who would refuse to go in to get a broken leg set and cast? Who refused to have their baby delivered, and just did it in their bathtub with no medical help whatsoever?
    It really says nothing, other than people were going in for trivial reasons before. Maybe if you followed up a random sampling of people who died and asked their family members if they put off going to the hospital for something other than Covid-19, the data might be worth something.
    How do you account for cancer deaths being down? Many of the people who have to go all the time are these cancer patients. People skipping dialysis? Nonsense, deaths from kidney disease were unchanged, so that was not a thing.
    If you read it, it says 12% avoided urgent or emergency care not that 40%.
    But what is the baseline? How many people do that regardless? I cut my hand severely a few years ago, and I did not go in. I think I broke my toe when I was a teen. And I sprained my ankle very severely and could not walk on it for a month. Never saw a doctor about any of these. Mostly, because I was never uninsured until the end of 2018. 8.6% of people were uninsured in 2020. Most of those are not going to a hospital unless they have to. I would think a good fraction of the 12% of people that did not go in are the 8.6% that are not insured.

  10. A guy in China fell over dead of Covid walking down the street, why can't a motorcyclist collapse while driving and have an accident? You assume fraud with no info.
    No number is ever going to be exact. So if that is your point, it is a silly one.
    In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.”
    That suggests that it is also acceptable to NOT put "probable" or "presumed" on there, even if it is obvious.
    Also, a cause of death is not the same thing as a diagnoses of someone who is ill. We don't treat people on the basses of a presumption. They are not Covid-19 patients unless they test positive. You might treat some symptoms, but you are not going to say "Presumed Covid-19" and shoot them full of monocolonial antibodies without a positive test.

  11. You have to look closer, rather than just accepting gibberish on social media or Fox, or whatever.
    They did not shut down normal medical care. Hospitals can't just adapt every floor to take Covid. Also, most medical care is not in a hospital, it is at doctor's offices, and clinics, and such. Surgeons were not busy with Covid patients. Covid patients mostly just sit in beds taking oxygen.
    You think cancer patients were not getting treatment? Cancer was not being detected because there were less screenings? Cancer deaths were down in 2020 from 2019. "Influenza and pneumonia" were up even though there was almost zero influenza…so what might that be? "Heart disease" deaths were up. And the heart is often what gives out when a patient dies of Covid. Alzheimer's was up. There is no treatment, so what would they be missing if they can't get treatment? Stroke was up, but that too can be triggered by Covid, as blood pressure rises with the infection. Diabetic deaths were up, but Covid is killing a lot of people with diabetes. Maybe you could claim less people got needed amputations? I doubt there was less testing for H1C levels. I did not have any difficulty getting my blood drawn for the usual tests which includes H1C. All I had to do is have a phone visit with a doctor, then go in for 5 minutes and have blood drawn.
    Maturnaty closed? Pediatrics closed? If so, why were infant deaths down, Except SIDS?
    Accidents were up, but not nearly enough to account for excess deaths.

  12. Mindbreaker thinks that "the 1st Amendment does not allow someone to shout 'fire' in a crowded building = it's okay to throw everyone that disagrees with me into the gulag".

  13. Just remember, this is the same people that counted a man killed in a motorcycle accident as a covid death. So no telling how people who died from unrelated illnesses were counted as a covid fatality

  14. I'm referring to the language of the CDC guidance in May 2020.
    In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.”

    And the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act of April 2020.
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) yesterday released new guidance implementing several provisions included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. These provisions include:
    A Medicare add-on payment of 20% for both rural and urban inpatient hospital COVID-19 patients;

    There were also documented cases of people dying of known causes, including at least one motorcycle accident, who had COVID listed as the cause of death.

    I'm not saying the true number isn't near 1,000,00 – but making the point that the data underlying the number is suspect for a variety of reasons.

  15. They shut down normal medical care for a year and a half and you're going to point to excess deaths as covid. Ok I guess

  16. It is ABSOLUTELY the fault of Biden and his VP Harris. They went on national TV and said people should be afraid to take vaccines developed under Donald Trump's watch.

  17. We know the CDC recently reduced the number of US deaths by 72K. Is that reduction reflected in the Million death milestone? And, is the CDC reducing these deaths overtime or just on one President's watch?

    "Because of a Coding error, we are removing 72,277 deaths previously reported across 26 states, including 416 pediatric deaths, CDC said."

  18. Where do you draw the line?
    Would you permit someone to put a sticker on a road sign that looked exactly like a 55 MPH sign, on a sign that actually was 15 MPH hairpin turn next to a cliff? Would you limit their fine to cost to removal of the sticker, after the tenth car plunged off the cliff?
    What about convincing people that it is the end of the World, and you only receive salvation if you drink Kool-aid that you have told them is poison?
    What about telling an elderly person suffering greatly from Covid, that all they need is garlic, and if you go to the hospital, they will make sure you die, because there is more money in it?
    There there are the intentional lies and distortions about the vaccines. That they don't work. That they will change their DNA. And other hogwash related to the vaccines feeding doubt and fear.
    Church pasters have played down masks, skipping church to reduce the spread, because they have financial incentive. Less people in church, means less money in the offering plate.

  19. It is debatable. The Supreme Court has waffled quite a bit on the issue over time, and some of those decisions have been clearly dubious. In recent times the court has swung toward being very free on speech, effectively allowing all sorts of fraud, slander, undermining and rational controls on influencing voting, and permitted other social harm.
    The only reason there is such a push to interpret freedom of speech in the broadest possible fashion is because the media wants it that way, as they want as little accountability as possible. They are also the ones that receive all the money payed for political advertising.

  20. 4% of the worlds population in the USA but 20% of the deaths. Way to go Fauci. No treatments just the vaccine and it leaks virus and people get Covid anyway. In fact the vaccine is showing negative benefit.

  21. Not Biden's fault that people refused vaccines. Maybe a little. Novavax should have been approved months ago. I know people still staying in their homes, holding out for that one.
    And we needed to prosecute liars that are costing lives. Similar to yelling "fire" in a theater. There are limits on "free speech". And telling people things that cause them to do reckless things where at least some will die as a result is manslaughter in my opinion.

  22. Hopefully, he can correct that without losing the comments. I did not catch error, just assumed deaths, because official deaths is near 1 million.

  23. Excess deaths busts that myth.
    And your logic is goofy. They can't claim Covid unless they had a test showing positive, at the very least. You can't guess on a death certificate. Early on there were less tests, and thus an under-count, not over-count.
    We can see this clearly too. The excess deaths beyond the listed Covid were early.

    Also if you scroll down to individual States you can see that only about half the early deaths in New Jersey were counted, and only about 2/3 of those in New York. You an also see more recently that Florida hid many of the deaths from Delta with political games.

    Ohio also looks fishy, and oddly California also appears to be under reporting.
    Only Massachusetts appears to have more official Covid deaths than excess deaths…but not by a lot.

  24. Worldometers appears to double count some of the deaths:
    It appears you have to subtract:
    Veteran Affairs 21,460
    Military 681 (though this is unclear as we have a lot of people overseas)
    Federal Prisons 295
    Navajo Nation 1,659
    Grand Princess Ship 7

    They did include these in the total, as I summed the column and got the number they list. I doubt they did not count deaths in the States that were Navajo or whatever. You would expect that any death in a State of verified Covid to be included in any State total.

    At the moment it says: 1,000,354 so subtracting gets: 976,224
    Only about 190,000 out of 1,388,100 active US military is overseas, if my guesswork is accurate. So we should only have to add back a fairly low fraction of Covid deaths by US active military. Maybe 100. Some something like 976,324 Covid deaths on US soil.

    That is probably closer to the CDC number. CDC page appears broken. Seems like government sites are always crap. 971,422 2 days ago according to Google.

    Likely, somewhere in the 970-980k area. Probably 972k.

    Of course, the actual number of US Covid deaths is more like 1.1 to 1.2 million because early on we did not have good tests.

  25. Considering the financial incentives for reporting COVID deaths, especially before any tests were available – I'll take the under on that bet.

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