SpaceX Orbital Starship Will Launch With New Raptor 2 Engines

The delays in the FCC approval for the first SpaceX Super Heavy Starship orbital flight will give SpaceX the time to replace all of the old Raptor rocket engines with new 15% more powerful Raptor 2 engines.

The first Starship orbital flight will be with Raptor 2 engines, as they are much more capable and reliable. 230 ton or ~500k lb thrust at sea level. The old original Raptor engines were at about 200 tons of thrust at sea level.

Starship SN20 and Super Heavy Booster 4 will be retired and there will be a new Starship and new Booster.

SpaceX will stop making the Crew Dragon vehicle. They will finish the fourth crew dragon which flies astronauts and human tourists into space and usually to the ISS. SpaceX will then only make parts to maintain the reusable Crew Dragon. Four reusable vehicles is the number of space shuttles that NASA operated.

SOURCES- Elon Musk, SpaceX
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. The FAA will continue to delay the launch of the starship until after the SLS goes They don't want anything to upstage the senate launch systems 1st launch.

  2. Our only chance to keep Musk from owning the entire Universe is to keep him ignorant of "The High Frontier" by Gerard K. O'Neill. Of course, then Bezos will own the entire Universe.

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