BYD Versus Tesla in 2021 $BYD $TSLA

BYD published their 314 page 2021 annual report and it shows lower net profits and still about 40% revenue from mobile phones and not electric cars or batteries. The mobile phone business increased from 38% to 40.5%. Overseas (non-China) business decreased from 38% to 30%.

Tesla had net income of 5.5B on $53.8B in total revenue in 2021 versus 0.73B in net income on $31.5B in revenue in 2020. Tesla had a percentage of revenue for net income was 10.5% and grew from 2.5% versus BYD declining from 2.8% to 1.4%.

BYD had 211B RMB in revenue in 2021. This was US$33B. $17B was from BYD auto business.

In 2021, BYD sold 593,745 plug-in cars in China(up 232% year-over-year) and 136,348 ICE cars. Total BYD car sales was 730,093 (up 75%). About 20% of BYD car sales were ICE cars. The average selling price was $23000.

Cumulatively, BYD now more sold than 1.5 million plug-in electric cars, including over 800,000 all-electric cars.

BYD plug-in sales in 2021:

BEVs: 320,810 (up 145% year-over-year). This was about $7.5B assuming the same ASAP for BYD BEV, PHEV and ICE
PHEVs: 272,935 (up 468% year-over-year). This was about $6.4B.
Total: 593,745 (up 232% year-over-year)

ICE was about $3.2B.

Tesla had $47B in 2021 BEV car sale revenue versus $7.5B for BYD. Tesla had over 6 times more battery electric car revenue than BYD. BYD also has 2021 sales of a few thousand electric buses and other electric work vehicles.

SOURCES- BYD and Tesla 2021 annual reports
Written by Brian Wang,

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  1. I'd be really skeptical with any financial report from a Chinese firm. CCP forbids financial audits on US listed companies.

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