Elon Musk on Getting the Impossible Done

Lex Friedman asked Elon Musk:

What is your source of belief in situations like this when the engineering problem is so difficult there’s a lot of experts many of whom you admire who have failed in the past yes and a lot of people (experts, journalists, the public) have a lot of doubt about whether it’s possible.

Where do you go to both personally intellectually as an engineer as a team like for source of strength needed to sort of persevere through this and to keep going with the project take it to completion.

Elon replied: I mean for me it’s simply this this is something that is important to get done and we should just keep doing it or die trying.

I don’t need a source of strength so quitting is not even in my nature okay.

I don’t care about optimism or pessimism.

F**k that we’re gonna get it done.

Impossible Things Achieved by Elon Musk and His Companies

Create a new successful commercial orbital rocket company. SpaceX failed three times to launch an orbital rocket and succeeded on the fourth try.
Create a partially reusable rocket.
Create a new successful car company. Most new car companies go bankrupt.
Create a successful electric car. Previously electric cars had all failed.

Create a successful network of commercial satellites. Most commercial satellite constellations companies have failed.
SpaceX restored the USA to manned space flight with the Dragon capsules. Boeing is still not flying Starliner.

Now working on full self-driving. Many consider this impossible.
Create the new 4680 battery. Many people have predicted that this would fail.
Create a super heavy lift fully reusable rocket. SLS and constellation programs have not flown super heavy lift rockets after about 20 years. SLS would be single use.
SpaceX is working towards colonizing Mars and landing on the moon.
Tesla is trying to develop Tesla bot and useful physical AGI.

Elon Musk interview:

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