Elon Says FSD, Fully Reusable SpaceX Starship this Year and Teslabot Next Year

Elon expects a pretty good prototype Teslabot this year and a low volume production for Teslabot will start next year. Elon also says Full self-driving safer than human driving and the fully rapidly reusable orbital SpaceX Starship should happen this year.

SOURCES- Dave Lee Investing

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  1. In a recent interview, Musk was dissing quadrupeds, as humans specifically built up their environment for bipeds.

    There doesn't seem to be an all electric modern biped available though, which is why Musk is bringing in RoMeLA and their BEAR electric actuator. ATLAS is electrohydraulic, and Musk seems to be deliberately avoiding electrohydraulic systems.

  2. The answer is Elon and his minions should have thought thru launching 4000 ton rockets from Boca Chica that if and when they explode have the explosive force of a decent size kilotonne bomb going off.

    Find somewhere else thats safe and its sorted. ( starbase 2 is being developed at Cape Canaveral so that might be the solution.)

  3. Chunderfoot yeah, i'm sure Elons really worried about some flog on Youtube who enjoys telling everyone the sky is blue and Santa isn't real.

  4. Tesla still haven't delivered the tesla cybertruck, the tesla semi, the tesla roadster, most solar tiles roof installation, i guess we'll add that to the pile

  5. I think the Teslabot is pretty much vaporware right now.

    The main reason for that is as you say, the differences between the problem of building a SDC and a walking biped robot.

    The problem of biped locomotion is a tough one by itself, and other industry actors (e.g. Boston Dynamics) have much more experience than Tesla. So I don't believe they will have a market ready product by next year. In 5 years? maybe.

    What I'd actually believe they could manage, is pulling off a hybrid of a pre-existing biped platform and Tesla's own situational awareness platforms.

  6. I like the idea of keeping the Teslabots substantially weaker than a healthy human males in decent condition. Most of the things they will be meant to do don't need much in the way of physical strength.

  7. I've wondered about that. I think the answer might be that they've been told that their existing permits allow hops by starship, but NOT any sort of flight testing of the 1st stage. And they've done the flight testing of the starship they can without the booster.

  8. It'd be nice if Teslabots have really quiet motors…
    So quiet they are legally required to play snake jazz as they walk around.
    That would be cool.

  9. Is it just "full stack" they aren't allowed to launch? Seems like they could be doing suborbital launch and catch testing – they've done a lot of suborbital previously.
    Better to initially test the catch-tower with fewer engines anyhow? Even just 'up 100m, down and catch'.

  10. There's the running conspiracy that FAA PEA delays are a smokescreen to keep Musk from flying Starship before SLS. Which is just on the edge of believable considering the entrenched political interests behind SLS.

    Teslabot though, is really dependent on how they've made their software. A car has a relatively fixed concept of "body" which greatly assists in evaluating collision probability. Having limbs flailing about is very different from a solid fixed lump of car. There is the possibility that a Tesla FSD is body aware however, in that the Model X falcon wing doors represent a substantial profile change. If the FSD is sufficiently generic to accommodate body profile changes, then shifting it to a Teslabot is comparatively easier…

    The body would just end up being a variant of those demonstrated already, something like Boston Dynamics ATLAS/Handle v1 with the chicken legs and wheeled feet, or Agility Robotics Digit which is also a chicken legged robot. I'm not expecting a huge amount of innovation in body styles. I haven't really seen anyone proposing a centaur style which can rear up on it's hind legs to imitate a humanoid though, which I think would be a valid solution.

  11. Could be. I understand they're planning on using some of the results from their self-driving program, but what a real general purpose robot like the Teslabot is proposed to be is way beyond what's needed for mere self-driving.

  12. This. They can't allow SLS and big government the embarrassment of orbital Starship launching first.

  13. That Tesla Bot graphic is slick, minimalism is in vogue.

    Don't take anything he says so seriously, he's been saying self driving will be delivered this year for over 5 years in a row. Expect it when you see it.

  14. Teslabot is a recruiting tool for ai engineers. As a product , who knows, but it will be many years, if ever

  15. What's he supposed to do, just keep it on the pad collecting dust? The government won't LET him launch it! Otherwise he would have continued his breakneck development schedule, and would probably already be launching things to orbit on it.

    Perhaps once SLS has launched once, at a cost of billions of dollars, they'll let Starship resume flight testing.

  16. I can't help but wonder if he isn't trolling everybody with the Teslabot; I mean, what have we seen in the way of hardware? A guy in a body suit?

    A sleek black bodysuit. Might as well adopt the slogan, "To Serve and Obey, And Guard Men from Harm." 

    At this point the biggest obstacle to Starship development seems to be the hostile regulatory environment. Can't advance without testing, can't test without regulatory approval, and the regulators keep pushing back approval. "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

    We're well into enemy action territory on the regulatory front. I would not be particularly shocked if the final regulatory action on Boca Chica is "Permit denied"; In the current political environment you need a champion in high places to be permitted to do big things, and Musk has lacked that champion since the 2020 election.

  17. He had to de-stack the scarecrow he had on the pad. The new pairing will have Raptor 2’s…but rumor has it there was contamination in the fuel lines…Say what you will of SLS—that is a real rocket. Only 4 engines. We need a Musk to lower the cost.

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