Large City-Wide Brazilian Ivermectin Study Finds 44% Lower Infection

A study of Ivermectin invited the entire population of Itajaí, Brazil. In the absence of contrain indications, ivermectin was offered as an optional treatment to be taken for two consecutive days every 15 days at a dose of 0.2 mg/kg/day. This was a very small dose. The positive indications from this study are even stronger because of the low dosage. In cases where a participating citizen of Itajaí became ill with COVID-19, they were recommended not to use ivermectin or any other medication in early outpatient treatment. Clinical outcomes of infection, hospitalization, and death were automatically reported and entered into the registry in real-time.

This very large study found 44% lower infection and 68% lower deaths rates from twice a month usage of low dose Ivermectin.

Conclusion: In this large PSM study, regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.

This is a peer reviewed study.

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  1. Please note that Cureus, despite the journal claims, is NOT peer-reviewed as it is intended by the scientific community.

  2. If you don't take a human appropriate dose I suppose that's on you. Similar to taking a half bottle of Tylenol. Some people are just beyond help even in our modern world. Ask the 500,000 Americans who die from smoking each year (More people than the 965k Covid deaths over two years) Still weird to me we shut down an economy for less deaths than smoking.

  3. Sarcasm off/ It is great for treating parasitic worms which is why it got the Nobel. If you do have worms you use a smaller dose than would be given to a horse. The reason to be skeptical about using Ivermectin against COVID is, why should something that kills parasitic worms be good against a virus? It might be, but it doesn't at first glance sound like a high probability.
    Apparently the hype about it as helpful against COVID led some people to take doses appropriate for deworming a horse & harmed themselves. (Yes I know citation needed, I might try to confirm that)

    • Hi Jim. There is a review article published in the journal of antibiotics/Tokyo listing 20 levels of action which ivermectin takes against the novel coronavirus. This is why ivermectin was selected and the trial confirms it is effective and the critics keep forgetting to mention that Itajai had the lowest mortality rates from COVID compared to the other cities in its state.

  4. So you are saying the 10,000 people taking Ivermectin resulted in those reductions of hospitalization. Wow. It is way more effective than the study suggests.

  5. Everyone of the really effective low cost therapeutics has been trashed by Public Health Services, despite study after study showing their effectiveness.
    My county head of Infectious Disease (MD) told be personally that he no longer believe anything that comes out of the CDC.

  6. Here in New Zealand, 95% of the population has been vaccinated, I think more than 50% had 3 jabs, (including me) yet Omicron is rampant. I like to believe, that the vaccination will protect me from serious symptoms, but will they really?

  7. I have followed Dr. Campbell on Covid since the early days. I think his explanations are very good.

  8. This is a pretty big mass of copied materials. Superficially, it looks positive for ivermectin. I have little interest in trying to go through it unless I see competent critiques and biomed people’s reviews.

  9. Incorrect. Pfizer CEO said you should get 4 doses of vaccine. Also maintain your obesity so he can sell you many other drugs needed to deal with that.


    The study was NOT controlled, nor double blind. It was done between April and July 2020.

    Voluntaries could just go to Health Outposts of Itajaí and get Ivermectin pills.

    The study says 118 thousand residents of Itajaí took the Ivermectin pills. But the records show that only 10 thousand people retrieved the pills.

    Also, data shows that the retrieval was irregular and reduced with time.

    It was also clearly not double blind. Placebo effect and biases were not eliminated.

  11. I will check this out. As far as I am aware, this study had several problems. Itajaí mayor was suggesting in 2020 some pseudo scientific anal oxygen applications to fight COVID.

    It became a joke in Brasil. And this study was sponsored by the municipal administration (same mayor) AFAIK

  12. Hrm, if I remember correctly, the early studies on HCQ and ivermectin which at first showed promise, when revisited, found that the sample cells they used (Vero E6) had only one of two primary pathways of infection (the throat cell endosome pathway, missing the lung cell direct injection pathway) which was why efficacy didn't seem generally good on earlier variants (which seemed to be biased towards lung infection).

    I wonder, with omicron being biased to throat infection, this study is showing effectiveness in an omicron majority situation?

  13. How many people were killed by political hacks spreading disinformation this time?

    Probably the single most harmful disinformation ever in the US is the radiation safety linear no threshold model. This strictly anti-scientific nonsense is the sole technical justification for the excessive regulation of nuclear energy. Without it, nuclear energy would be the default energy technology instead of coal. Millions of lives would be saved.

    Harmful disinformation needs to be prosecuted as war crimes.

  14. Politicians and their cherry-picked public health "experts" as well as their sock puppet enablers in the media should be in prison for what they have done. Will never happen.

  15. The biggest problem is that both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been inextricably linked to right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, so Brazilians (perhaps even more than the US) cannot seem to have a rational conversation about Ivermectin, even when faced with overwhelming evidence one way or the other.

  16. Sarcasm on. But but.. horse medicine or something. We all know this Nobel price winning drug, given 3.7 billion times and counting, is poison. Joe Rogan should be in prison. You are supposed to sit in your home untreated until you need a vent. Once your that far gone we can think about putting you on a vent but no treatment until that point. Also 78% of Covid patients in the hospital are overweight, but we will not fat shame you. Continue your best life with obesity…

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