MRNA Cocktail Can Make Old Tissue Specific Cells Young

Stanford University researcher has de-aged mouse cells with different tissue types and the cells kept the same tissue type but were just younger. They also de-aged stem cells.

They did with a cocktail of MRNA. Messenger RNA was used for billions of COVID vaccines.

The Stanford researchers need to determine how to do this inside the body. They believe the process is scalable to treat diseases of aging like macular degeneration (old eye cells) and sarcopenia (old muscle cells) and other aging diseases.

10 thoughts on “MRNA Cocktail Can Make Old Tissue Specific Cells Young”

  1. what utter tosh. vaxxer nuts will most probably die of varied illnesses much earlier than the people who did not take this genetic injection.

  2. That would be fun book. Suppose one of the vaccines for one of these pandemics inadvertently did reverse aging?

    Only the antivaxxers would be dying of old age.

    The average IQ level rises.

    As Larry Niven sometimes said: "Think of it as evolution in action."

  3. First we need to setup Nuremburg 2.0 Trials for crimes against humanity on the last batch of mrna vaccines.

  4. They code for the yamanaka factors. The host cell makes yamanaka factor proteins using these mRNAs as templates.

  5. In this experiment he didn't affect the telomeres, but the telomerase gene (and mRNA transcript) is well known. So yes, it could be done, and shouldn't be particularly more difficult than anything else demonstrated in this experiment.

  6. at 48:30 he answers a telomere length question. I think the answer is yes, but, it doesn't seem to be an issue unless they are senescent cells. you get all the benefits of a younger cell without modifying them.

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