Putin Chooses to Be China’s Flunky Instead of the USA

There are various reports about Putin having decades long anger at Russia losing the Cold War to the West. Putin felt humiliated that Russia was treated as second rate by the West after the USSR fell.

Big tough Putin and Russia with nuclear weapons demanded respect and is forcing respect by taking maybe half of Ukraine.

Putin had to ask permission from China’s Xi Jinping. Xi told Putin to wait until after the Olympics. Big, proud and tough Putin waited until after the Olympics because no one tells Putin what to do… Except Xi Jinping.

In a few years, Europe will have transitioned off of importing 2.3 million barrels per day of oil from Russia and will not be using Russia natural gas.

Putin’s Russia will proudly sell its oil and gas to China. China knowing there is no other customer will pay about half of the market price. Russia will sell all of its oil and gas but not at that humiliating Global Western price. He wants to sell at the proud Iran-China oil price which is about half. Putin clearly has made the smart 3D chess move.

Putin decided he was too proud to have a second-rate Russia. He has chosen to make Russia third rate. None of that second-rate humiliation. He becomes third-rate but proud.

Putin looked at North Korea’s and Iran’s economy and decided he wanted Russia to have some of that action. Iran’s GDP dropped from $500 billion to $250 billion. North Korea has its nukes and Russia has 2000 and not just 20.

Russia will not be able to keep up and develop with the global technological transformation. Russia could not diversify from oil and gas and some other commodity products. The world economy could triple over the next 15-20 years with monster growth from AI, robotics and electric cars and trucks and self-driving cars and trucks. All of the computer technology-based advances. Russia will get none of that or only whatever scraps China passes along. China still has not caught up on the leading edge of computer chips. China could take decades and still might not reach the leading edge of computer, AI and biotechnology.

China could also sell even worse technology to Russia because it would not be worth the cost in sanctions to fully support Russia.

North Korea, Iran, Venezuela all do not get China’s best gear.

Putin’s masterstroke was to join the Kim Jong Un global club.

Over time Russia will become economically, technologically and militarily weaker and weaker. European opponents will get economically, technologically and militarily stronger.

It was clearly monstrously stupid and useless.

SOURCE – Brian Wang’s analysis