TSMC 2 Nanometer Chip Mass Production 2025

TSMC Dr. Wei said TSMC does not comment on their technology roadmap but he remains confident that the TSMC fab’s 2nm technology will enter mass production in 2025. He also shared optimism about the process, outlining that when it is launched, it will lead the industry in terms of transistor density and power efficiency. Dr. Wei also stated that TSMC’s N3 process technology family would offer the best power, performance and efficiencies (PPE) and become a driver of the company’s revenue growth.

TSMC is working on a 2nm facility in Taichung and another in Hsinchu.

Samsung Electronics’ chipmaking arm Samsung Foundry has said Samsung will mass-produce the 2nm processors in 2025. Intel Corporation’s detailed product roadmap expects its 20 Angstrom (20A) manufacturing process, thought comparable to the 2nm node, to enter early-stage production by the first half of 2024.

Intel’s Intel 4 process (between TSMC’s 5nm and 3nm nodes) will enter production in the latter half of this year with products slated to ship in 2023.

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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