USA Flip Flopping on Fighter Planes for Ukraine

The USA is reported to be working to assist Poland in sending fighter planes to Ukraine. Poland has Mig 29 planes which are ones used in the Ukrainian Air Force. The USA would resupply Poland with F16 planes.

US Secretary of State Blinken says NATO countries have the greenlight to send fighter planes to Ukraine.

UPDATE: The Pentagon is saying that this transfer of planes is not tenable. Poland is angry at the USA. Various military experts say that a transfer of planes would logistically take at least 6 months. It would be more practical to provide more Stinger missiles to put Russian planes at even greater risk. There are reports that Ukraine now has 17000 anti ground vehicle Javelin single person fired missiles. 200 Russian tanks have been disabled, destroyed or captured. This leaves 1000 inside Ukraine. This means there are 17 Javelin missiles for each Russian tank.

If the Ukraine has an effective airforce then this will make it very difficult for Russia to meet its military objectives. It would a long and punishing ground war and urban fighting. It would become far more difficult to effectively hold the sieges of large cities.

There were reports that Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia had been trying to arrange for planes to go to Ukraine.

SOURCES- Face the Nation
Written by Brian Wang,