Finland and Sweden Moving Ahead Towards NATO Membership

Finland and Sweden are moving ahead on separate tracks to quickly move ahead to join NATO.

Finland had indicated it would prefer a solution that would see the two Nordic unaligned states “jump together” into NATO.

Sweden is looking at a range of enhanced security-related options, including deepening Nordic defense cooperation and urging the European Union to develop enhanced defense policies to offer greater military protection to EU member states that border the highly sensitive Baltic Sea and High North regions.

The Finnish government has set the wheels in motion to fast-track its application to join NATO. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin expects a decision on NATO membership soon. Finland is expected to reach a decision on joining NATO before the Alliance’s two-day summit meeting slated to commence in Madrid on June 29.

The Swedish government is expected to deliver its National Security Report to the Riksdag, the country’s legislature, before May 31.

Russia has threatened to deploy new nuclear weapons if Sweden and Finland join NATO. This is all Russia has left. Russia’s conventional military is getting dismantled in Ukraine. Russia just has nuclear weapon threats. But Russia cannot back it up because any actual use of nuclear weapons would be their assured destruction or a decapitive strike. The war in Ukraine has shown that US and NATO missiles and weapons are vastly superior. Russia is a paper bear, but an aggressive and belligerent one.

Deploying more nuclear weapons is relatively meaningless.

I, Putin, am going to put this right here. Watch me do it. Are you scared? I can’t use it but I am moving my weapons around. I already have 2000 of them and I can already launch them around the world. But maybe I will make 100 more or 1000 more and put them in forward positions. Roar. What are you going to do shoot me a conventional gun? Shoot me with precision-guided conventional missile? Like that will kill me. I ride around shirtless on horses. I am going to keep doing crazy things and getting more of my military killed. They will keep dying until I win. Fear me as my tanks are destroyed and my navy sinks.