Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Elon Musk has bought Twitter using $21 billion in cash and $25.5 billion in debt.

The deal must still be approved by a vote of the shareholdrs.

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

20 thoughts on “Elon Musk Buys Twitter”

  1. If you don't use Twitter, then you should clearly not care whether he is allowed on there or not. It's not like he is unable to air his own views using other media, social or broadcast. At any rate, Musk himself said that free speech is when people you don't like are allowed to say things you don't like.

    Improbus liber verum improbus est, quia veram libertam expressionis nescit. Sic improbior fit, et minus liberum quoque.

  2. I'm an old man. Tolerance is for people with time to waste… and, hey, you know what they say about assumptions. Ijit.

  3. Make everyone use their real name. No anonymous accounts. Anonymity allows people to saw horrible things with no repercussions in the real world. Remove the shield of anonymity and things will improve.

  4. He is loathsome. What is baffling? Oh, you think I actually use Twitter. No. I just have to hear about from always Trumpers. Sadly, they can't think, nor shut up.

  5. Yeah. Hitler was really big on free speech. [eye roll] And Trump was a dictator. [double eyeroll]

  6. One thing is free speech and another is hiding behind it to attack others or pit them against each other as Trump had done and Hitler as well. People who incite others to attack opposition are dangerous. Hitler had done it, Trump had done it.

    People have to take rights of people attacked by such dictators into consideration.
    In that case banning such dictators is justified as sending people to prison, when they break the law. They should not be permited to do as they please and violate the rights of others. There has to be some boundary. Freedom has it limits when it collides with freedom of others or threatens their wellbeing.

    I hope Musk will see that boundary and won't allow Trump to sow more divisions and do more damage to the people and USA. If Musk wants to control what he publishes on twiiter or what is his real motivation I really can't say, he knows it and time will tell.

  7. That was remarkably fast and clean. The guy who arguably made the best use of his free Twitter account of any of it’s 200 million users and is rivaling Trump in the number of followers without benefit of running for or being President – now owns it.

  8. Even when he’s working toward a higher purpose, he’s always frugal. He will make a lot of money turning Twitter into a more serious Social Media rival of it’s bigger cousins.

  9. Odd way to waste $43 billion dollars. I hope this doesn't come at cost of [regular rockets to mars].

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