Elon Says the Only Way to Solve Self Driving is to Solve Real World AI

Elon Musk says the only way to solve self driving is to solve real world AI. You have to have cameras and silicon brains match human vision and biological brains.

Elon still thinks Tesla will solve full self driving this year which means Elon thinks Tesla will solve real world AI in a meaningful way.

Elon says there are now over 100,000 people with full self driving beta. This means almost all people who have bought full self driving in the US will get the beta this year and all new buyers of FSD will get the beta immediately after general release.

Tesla seem close to being able to have all the features for full self driving and greater safety than the average human driver. Being able to offer full self driving for all paying customers means that instead of recognizing 50% of full self driving revenue, Tesla will be able to recognize all of it. This would be about a $600 million increase in net income if it happens for Q2 2022 and it would mean an additional $200 million in net income and growing in each following quarter.

Solving real world AI for self-driving is and four wheel cars is what Elon believes can be generalized to walking humanoid robots. Actuators and others parts of humanoid robots have been demonstrated by many but they did not have the intelligence to move about the real world with minimal instructions and do useful and valuable things. There is also the missing aspect of mass production which is something Tesla is very good.

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com