Free Speech Absolutist Elon Musk Owns 9.2% of Twitter

Elon Musk is a free speech absolutist. Elon has revealed that he now owns 9.2% of Twitter. Elon is the largest shareholder of Twitter.

Elon has about 73.5 million shares of Twitter. Twitter is up 25% to $49 on the new todays. Tesla shares are also up. Elon’s stake in Twitter is now worth $3.6 billion. He bought the shares on March 14 for about $32-33 per share. Elon is up about $1.3 billion on his position. Elon exercised options and sold stock. Elon probably netted about $5 billion after paying his taxes. Elon might still have $3 billion in cash for another Twitter scale transaction.

Elon has one of the largest followings on Twitter. Elon will also be able to use Twitter to more effectively promote his companies.

Elon ran his Twitter poll about free speech about ten days after he bought his stake in Twitter.

Elon will be able to use Twitter and Starlink for various communication applications.

Elon probably has a plan for how to make Twitter more profitable and more open.

Elon and Jack Dorsey seem to be friends.

Elon can probably drive Twitter to do video and Tik Tok like short video.

Warrren Redlich describes how he believes that Elon Musk and his allies have a clear plan for making Twitter far more profitable. High profitability and reach would also mean more relevance.

Elon has over 80 million followers and he knows how to use and leverage all social media.

SOURCES- Twitter, Warren Redlich
Written By Brian Wang,