Sandy Munro Looks At the Structural Pack at Gigatexas

Sandy Munro has been taking apart cars for decades to advise car companies on how to improve factory processes and designs. Sandy is super-impressed with the engineering of the Tesla single front and rear castings and structural battery pack. The design of the cooling for the structural pack is top-notch and super-efficient.

12 thoughts on “Sandy Munro Looks At the Structural Pack at Gigatexas”

  1. Doesn’t the rest of Texas not consider Austin to be part of Texas? It being closer in politics to California or some other civilized locale has a triggering affect.

  2. Always a great sign when some expert goes to the factory to give a seal of approval rather than taking a random sampling of a shipped product in the market……… /s

  3. What are you talking about? It's literally the heart of Texas, Austin or not.
    fyi, I've live in Texas my whole life and Austin area about 9 years now.

  4. Can state I’m not much of a country music fan, well I respected Johnny Cash, without stating the myriad of country music jokes available. And doesn’t the rest of Texas believe Austin is not Texas and really a forward colony of California?

  5. TJ and Kathleen – Its Texas and I like the vibe – You must be from California and can't understand what its like to be in Austin and dancing to a country band. Get jiggy and smoke a doobie

  6. Jesus what is that guy wearing was my first thought. Skulls and a cowboy hat. Then I realized it was Munro. A little over the top for an Austin event, considering it’s less Texas and more like some other city in the country.

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