Solar Energy and Solar Plus Battery Storage

SP Global forecasts that more of the solar battery storage projects will be completed in the next two years in the US and the world. There are some 160 utility solar with battery storage projects with planned completions in 2022 and 2023. There are projects with 4.5 GW of storage capacity in 2022 and 6.9 GW in 2023. There plans to complete more than 18 GW of storage and 35.5 GW of solar and Three-quarters of the storage capacity could come online by 2024.

Infolink projection that globally solar plus battery storage will be about 70 GWh for battery storage by 2025. There will be about 35% in the US, 35% in China and 30% rest of the world.

Solar Energy Forecast

BNEF forecasts 200GW-300GW solar installations for the each of the next five years. There is global factory capacity to produce 400 GW per year of solar panels.

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Written by Brian Wang,