Twitter Should Have Bent the Knee to the Technoking

Elon Musk has extra money from selling shares of Tesla and Elon can get loans against his Tesla wealth. Elon can probably accumulate 50+% control of Twitter over the next 4-6 months.

The current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, other current Twitter executives and the current Board of Directors of Twitter should have bent the knee to the Technoking Elon Musk.

I think that Elon Musk has big plans for fuse Twitter and SpaceX Starlink and e-commerce with Crypto. Elon will have a fully vertically integrated media, communications and commerce system.

Twitter will be a cog in the great Elon Musk global economy. This will happen regardless of what Twitter executives choose to do. If they had bent the knee, then Elon might have let them keep their jobs and they could have rode along to a greater financial future.

@Michael Burry lost the blue check (verified Twitter account). Elon Musk responded to him: “You’ll get it back, even though you shorted Tesla, you bastard”.

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22 thoughts on “Twitter Should Have Bent the Knee to the Technoking”

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  2. If the twits go for the poison pill, it just opens the door for other pro-speech folks to buy stocks at lower prices.

  3. Was there a justification to call the guy a pedo? There are thousands of expats and tourists in Thailand because of the sex industry, that doesn't mean the people they are conducting their business with are under age.

  4. The employees already insulted him by saying he caused a lot of tension. Maybe the employees need to know what real tension is … like looking for a job

  5. Yep they are all a bunch of self righteous victims at twitter. As the Indian CEO lines the company with Indians. NO racism here the IRONY. Then they portray themselves as victims as they make 10s of millions while dictating their beliefs on everybody else. The founder was a spineless jerk who let the WOKE crowd take over the company. I just love these overpaid jerks pontificating to the rest of us on how we are racists and or victims or alt right and should be silenced.aucho

  6. Twitter offended Musk's libertarian sensitivities, but rather than hide in his cry closet, he bought shares, putting his money where his mouth is. If he can turnTwitt back into a fairly run platform, he could make a lot of money too.

    I'm interested in just what is meant by Technoking. It can't be like wokeness, because Musk is not stupid, and does not virtue signal to anyone.

  7. He doesn’t need to use his own money to gain voting control, he has enough friends and allies. Larry Ellison would probably look on this as a fun project a bit like his plotting with Jobs to take over a troubled Apple. Ellison made more than $10B just with his side bets on Elon when he joined Tesla’s board.

  8. Elon demonstrated a lot of charity with the Pedo guy. He didn’t put 100 PIs on the case and thoroughly document the obvious facts that the guy was an expat in Thailand for the sex industry and make sure his reputation was ruined. He just defended himself successfully from the guys lawsuit.

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  10. …and after the mining of crypto is done because all coins have been mined then establishing a node network which keeps the structure going would be less complicated, since nodes are easier to run than coin mining…takes less computing power.
    I've been researching the LN node structure as a example of how crypto such as BTC could stay after the last mining is done.
    A possible means of creating passive income, running a node.

  11. Brian, could you please look into Tesla coils?
    I was wondering about advancements in this area, as well as energy transmission advances.
    Why? Because information, energy and the power grid is key to all of this societal change and commerce.
    Cryptomining for instance, the energy requirements to mine crypto is a feature not a bug. Hard to change a smart contract tied to a blockchain distributed ledger via a 51% attack, when the energy requirement is more than a entire country's output.
    Power grid, transmission and information distribution the next cultural power shift.

  12. If I have solar and powerwall, I will be using that power for charging the car and running the air-conditioner.
    I think it would be better to have small mining rigs on the satellites. When there are periods where there is sunlight available, but no customers to serve, the power could be used for crypto-mining instead.

  13. Elon will use this to make loads of money. Twitter currently is a vastly underused and badly monetized resource. Wechat enabled Tencent to Transcat 1.6 trillion RMB (over US$250 billion) in annual transactions through its mini-programs in 2021.

    WeChat is the only app in China to have over one billion active users and is one of only five apps in the world have surpassed that milestone. WeChat Pay, which was built using the framework of Tenpay, has over 900 million users and has supplanted AliPay as the most popular payment service in the country.

    Twitter only doubled active daily users from 107 million in 2017 to 216 million in 2021

    Twitter had $5.1 billon in revenue in 2021.

  14. Yes Brian, I think Elon has big plans for TW, Starlink and crypto are the start of global commerce. Information flow and commerce are the basis for the econ now, that and manufacturing of service robotics taking over at all levels someday soon.
    I'm still concerned about the power grid though, but consider this ~
    what if the power grid was stabilized via millions of powerwalls?
    Anyone, even in a apartment, would be able to buy, then use a powerwall, store power at night then use it during the day. If all the power isn't used then it could be siphoned off to the grid at need.
    Alternately, and this would be epic, have each community's powerwalls tied to a small Tesla owned large powerwall. This T-wall would be used for the Tesla charging stations in the area, and used as a means sending power to the powerwalls of users should they find the need during the day.

  15. Twitter should not cancel itself before the Musk like you did it once you probably realized that what you think and do doesn't have much of extra value.

    Elon Musk has some childish and self serving propositions to humanity and he needs Twitter to harness the mindless mob that you have also joined to execute them. Twitter does not need to be a part of that!

  16. I doubt Elon has time to be very active wrt lording it over Twitter. More likely he'll do what he's already doing – posting polls, acting as a gadfly and activist shareholder. If he was on the board and 'said the wrong thing' he would be sued when some stockholders decided it hurt the stock price or hurt their shorts of the stock or whatever. As a major shareholder he probably is mainly at risk of FTC action, and that only if something he says looks like Twitter stock price manipulation.

    I also seriously doubt he intends to leverage Starlink into a new social medium. Too far outside his core focus, Starlink only targets a fraction of internet users, and it he is already taking the approach of influencing existing social media to reform.

    Maybe eventually he'll do a cryptocurrency. Likely not focused on terrestrial use – too big a chance of angering governments and getting Starlink banned. But the potential value (for humanity) of a cryptocurrency focused on enabling the space economy to encourage human expansion into space has vastly greater potential, even if it'll take centuries to fully realize that potential.

  17. Elon planning their sacking?

    He doesn't strike me as the spiteful kind, but then, there's that salty story with the diver in Thailand.

    He didn't fire him, but surely roasted him.

    And a person doesn't amass such riches and power without some nasty personality traits to defend themselves and grow their influence, in the background as they might be.

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