Bayraktar Drones Destroy Two Russian Patrol Boats

Two Russian Raptor patrol boats were destroyed at dawn today near Snake Island according to the Ukrainian military. “The Bayraktars [Turkish made drones] are working,” Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the commander in chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Raptor patrol boats can carry up to three crew and 20 personnel. They are usually equipped with machine guns and used in reconnaissance or landing operations.

The Bayraktar drone were also used as a distraction in the sinking of the Moskva. The drone was sent to distract the Moskva crew and then they were hit by two regular anti-ship missiles.

The cruiser Moskva, its 12,000-ton Black Sea flagship, suffered a major explosion and sank. Ukraine claims to have struck the ship with two Neptune missiles. There are reports that a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone acted as a distraction.

Written by Brian Wang,

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  1. Nonsense. In China, the elderly are respected and valued. Also, why would they have fought Covid so intensely, saving tens of millions of lives of the elderly at the cost to manufacturing and exporting? But most of all, you have no way of knowing what demographics are going to be affected more by a virus without infecting many thousands with many different tries while keeping these from infecting anyone else.
    Conspiracies that require superpowers to conceal or magically accomplish things above current technology, are not very compelling to me.
    If you really were a greedy bastard running a country that you wanted to outcompete the World with, you would just want a pathogen that selectively killed anyone with Alzheimer's quickly. That is the disease that eats at the wallet in a country where you control the costs of medicine. What I mean by that, is that the US spends a lot on cancer drugs and some other drugs, so treating cancer is more expensive than Alzheimer's. Those prices can be controlled by a government, what can't easily be, is the cost of the care for Alzheimer's patients. Each needs hours a day of care. There is no getting around it. In the US, heart disease is the most expensive, but that is because of bypass surgeries. We do about 300,000 of those. Russia does 3,000. And China only does 4,000. So heart disease really does not cost them much. And despite all the great surgeries and drugs, the US life expectancy is almost the same as China. US=77.28 China=77.10

  2. I have said as much before. The point though is how deaths will affect voters and/or the public in uprisings. You need them distracted while they are being picked off.
    I think up to now he has actually won his elections, though mostly by hand-picking his opponents, and obstructing anyone actually interesting from running with tricks like requiring the use of a large auditorium in Moscow, on a particular day, and then threatening anyone who owns one telling them they can't rent these to anyone except the chosen few. Or just poisoning people. Hitting them over the head with things (Kasparov), inventing legal charges/framing, or just shooting them.
    In Belarus, they lose anyway. But they "count" the returns.
    It is unclear how Putin would handle an actual lost election, even after picking his opponents. Well, more to the point, how the public would react. He would obviously just cheat.

  3. If you want conspiracy theory, in twenty years the Chinese (and their vaunted economy, military, etc.) are going to be drowning in senior citizens and very few working age stiffs to support them (going from 7 workers to each old person, to 1 worker for each old person) .

    A truly amoral government would prepare for all possibilities in order to keep options open. Such as finding and studying various diseases, with an eye towards a disease that would have been further modified for many years to come until it was much more targeted on the old, was made much more lethal, perhaps even more contagious, and vaccines had been thoroughly researched and tested so that senior leadership (which tends to be made up of older folks itself) and its families could be fairly well assured of personal survival.

    Just in case it became needed, of course.

    But that's just the stuff for a technothriller conspiracy novel. No way a nice country that keeps concentration camps and commits genocide, turns dissidents into live organ donors, and buddies up with a war criminal like Putin would do anything like that. Even if it was just intended to provide an additional option when times get tough enough.

    Of course, it is unimaginable that some lab worker could get infected with one of the candidates that hadn't even been modified yet, and carry it outside into Wuhan.

  4. I agree, there seems to not be any accurate information available. Ex colonel Scott Ritter has a vastly different take on the progression of the war. Don't know what to believe.

    Recent history probably indicates that Russia, even if it loses, would continue to pursue a strategic objective (e.g. Chechnya).

  5. They are giving them old equipment. They will replace that one with newer one. It is understandable, they don't want to give russians or chinese more info on modern equipment, otherwise they could adapt.

  6. Look at the geographic progress of the front lines- very difficult to fudge that. Largely Russia is stalled while hemorrhaging troops and hardware.

  7. "How much suffering can they endure? Politically, there are limits."

    Not really. Required reading: The Siege of Stalingrad.

  8. I listed the below in 2018. That was before Putin sent tens of thousands of breeding age men off to die, before super sanctions, before COVID, before the continuing exodus of hundreds of thousands of their best educated people, most of whom are breeding age.

    • Aging population
    • Over next ten years, women of prime child bearing age will nearly halve.
    • Immigration has dropped enormously
    • Enormous levels of alcoholism (30% of deaths in 2012)
    • Enormous levels of drug addiction (perhaps 10 million addicts)
    • Enormous levels of drug related disease (possibly 3 million with HIV/AIDS and Putin has banned foreign made condoms)
    • Failing health care system
    • 1.4 million displaced refugees from Ukraine conflict
    • Plunging life expectancy of working-age males
    • One of the lowest male to female ratios in the world
    • One of the lowest fertility rates in the world
    • Near highest rates in the world for homicide and suicide
    • Kleptocracy (the government is indistinguishable from a criminal syndicate)
    • Putin has reportedly embezzled over 200 billion dollars and hidden much, if not all of it, abroad
    • Putin also has people murdered in especially horrible ways, even in other countries, and makes little pretense of not being the culprit
    • Bureaucracy (risks and responsibility are avoided, and accountability non-existent)
    • Whitewashing all of this
    • Sanctions (causing an additional 15% reduction in births)
    • By 2050, Russia moves from 9th to 15th–most–populous country (94% likelihood)
  9. Turkey is not allowing any more Russian ships into the Black Sea. The Moskva was supposed to protect the ones that were there, but it could not even protect itself.

    The three smaller ships that are left to protect against air attack have only a very small and grossly inferior capability to do so. It is only a matter of time before attrition causes Russia to lose the entire fleet in a land war.

    And the good missiles, the ones manufactured by England and the US, are not even in use yet. Checkmate.

  10. Even libertarians recognize the right of self defense against people attacking, even if they are forced to do so, or tricked into doing so. Not over retaliation, but sufficient for punishment and prevention. Kill Putin.

  11. I would add that forcing a woman to remain pregnant is a form of slavery, for the benefit of a conceptus, which was constitutionally *outlawed* after the American civil war. Not even a powerful southern plantation owner is allowed to that. I pointed this out in 1974 in a paper in law school. Time to start thinking about the topic rationally, no?

  12. Covid is actually playing in the hands of Putin. It's mostly elderly and sick people that succumb to it. Less people to feed… Death by Covid is the Russian pension plan.

  13. Some people say he looks unlike himself and somewhat sick of late (which is probably just old).

    Which recalls me: it's not beyond the realm of the possible that this narcissistic mofo would pull the trigger, if he came to learn his days are numbered.

    So, better watch out for any rumors of his health and the removal of anyone that could oppose him to do so.

  14. Of course, those are just admitted deaths. They may not be admitting they are Covid deaths, but what else could it be? And now we have a month of war to add to that. It is not preposterous that they could be down 3 million people in these 2 years.
    Their machines were never meant to be used by a country whose politicians must survive elections. Their machines were made with the idea that soldiers are easily replaceable. Their ships can't limit flooding to one section. Their tanks are Jack-in-the-boxes, because ammo is in the turret, and if detonated, the whole thing blows. Wasting troops because of dangerous equipment is not going to be good for Putin's image. How hard would it have been to make the equipment safer in the 30 years since the wall fell? The tanks just need a separate compartment attached to the turret. The ships needed more bulkheads and hatches that seal. This does not sound budget busting to me.

    Also, seems to be against general Russian engineering philosophy as well. They like to make things such that when something breaks, you can get the part cheep, easily and replace it fast, rather than expensive but durable and hard to find. Japanese like to make everything, so it never breaks, if you treat it reasonably…not the easiest philosophy to emulate. American philosophy is to make it, so it continues to function, but lots of nonessential things stop working or fall off. Give someone a reason to replace it, but not a reason to replace it with another brand.

  15. I wish there was some way to know that the media in the West is providing an accurate picture of the state of the war. Media accuracy is not what it used to be. Sure, there are lists of destroyed equipment, but what is the big picture? The Ukrainians are clearly sculpting the news to manipulate the West into giving them money and equipment. We give, but will they know how to use the equipment given or purchased? Will it be in time? The suffering of civilians looks very bad. And how much more does Russia have to throw at Ukraine?
    Now it looks like the Russians are looting grain and tractors. How bad is this? Can it be addressed?

    The last thing I want to see is the World give lots of nice equipment, just to have the Russians take it all home, and have better stuff than they had. And Ukraine could quit. How much suffering can they endure? Politically, there are limits.

    The rate of damage suggests that this war can't last years. If it did, no result would be worth it, for either side.

    On some level, this may be a distraction. Covid-19 may be impacting Russia far more than is suspected. So many Russians are in very poor health, drinking, smoking, low diet variety. It is estimated that 1.2 million have died, but it could be much worse.

    Obviously, it can't be the only reason, but it may have been a factor.

    1,226,860 Russian excess deaths to Mar 31th 2022:

  16. Russians are firing missiles from their ships. That missiles are destroying people's homes and killing them. It would be good use anti ship missiles to get Russian warships back to their ports.

  17. When the Sheffield was sunk by an Exocet, it was already clear that nothing substantial would be survivable once missiles got good enough.

    We're seeing that now.

  18. I can see it now. Vlad goes to push кнопка "the button" and the button falls off the console, the console was never connected to the network and the ICBMs were sold off for parts 20 years ago. Cue sad trombone. ed:sp

  19. Yes,we need to be sure there is nothing left of Russia navy on Black sea, there was talk we were giving them an autonomous submarine, which might just be for intelligence,but yes, more anti ship missiles.

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