Second Tesla Shanghai Factory Confirmed

Tesla has confirmed they will build a new factory on land near its existing Shanghai plant which is poised to add an annual capacity of 450,000 cars. Tesla still reports that Shanghai currently builds over 450,000 cars per year even though monthly runrates are actually over 800,000 cars per year and capacity is over 1 million cars per year.

The current Tesla Shanghai plant and the new plant will combine to produce over 2 million cars per year.

8 thoughts on “Second Tesla Shanghai Factory Confirmed”

  1. People are eager to buy cars of all sorts. It is the chips slowing things down.

    Ford has done something interesting. They are offering a crate electric motor. That is a good move. They can make as many motors as they want, it is the computer stuff and batteries that are the difficult bits to source. So they are selling a pretty nice motor for $4100:
    Man, I can think of lots of great things to do with these, most of which have nothing to do with electric cars. It looks like a great deal for what you get.
    Great for tractor conversions, a pretty serious pump, or compressor, a beast of a lathe or mill, or one heck of a fan 😉 Fast elevator 😉 Chipper gone nuts? Could catch some good air in a dune buggy with a used leaf battery. Great for a speed boat. It is just small enough for a big motorcycle. That would be pretty nuts too. Maybe add a custom small trailer for the battery and somewhere to sleep. Easier than trying to figure out where to put the battery in the motorcycle.
    But, for aircraft, you probably want something with more power to weight than this. Well, I don't know, maybe.

    I am invested in Ford and Tesla, because I think they both still make sense. I am somewhat dubious on the other old makers. Though, I do like the new Hummer. Toyota is scary. They were sooo late, that they had to pour money in at a crazy pace, and the electrics they are making are pathetic. No frunk. Slow. Ho-hum range. Bulky everything.

  2. China, most likely. He may come to regret it, but I doubt it. Assuming he is sincere in his stated goal of pushing for electrification of the world automobile fleet, pushing extra-hard on the biggest automotive market in the world is a smart idea, even if financially it may not make as much sense.

  3. I think this means that Brian has abandoned his prediction that Tesla will sell 2 million cars in 2022. That's OK, but it indicates that Brian is usually too optimistic in his predictions…

  4. Tesla über älles

    It’s like a nightmare for global auto companies, they keep losing market share and going further in debt just trying to get to where Tesla was 5 years ago.

  5. Elon's gonna regret that one, as the country continues it's multi-decade decline into chaos.

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