SpaceX Starlink Enables Mobile Roaming and Truckers and RVers are Successfully Experimenting

SpaceX Starlink for RV use is available as of March, 2022 and taking Internet connectivity to the fastest speeds we ever for who work from the road. The RV and trucker experiments enable Starlink connectivity while driving. This enables connection anywhere you travel and even while moving.

UPDATE- Starlink mobility has been formalized by SpaceX as a $25/month feature. It is $135 per month for Starlink service if you add this additional $25/month feature.

A Tesla Model X owner has placed a dish on the back of his model X to get 200 Mbps while driving on the highway.

Mobile roaming has been enabled, so phased array antenna can maintain signal while on moving vehicle.

Tucks truck describes specifics of how to attach a Starlink dish to the roof of his truck and having roaming internet.

They have attached the round Starlink dish to a tire on the roof of a truck and it has worked well.

Tucks Truck has a round dish for his experiments. Pat Chics ( seems to have done the most extensive experimentation with a rectangular dish. Others are also experimenting with Starlink roaming.